Work with Me

How to work with me

  • In a one to one session via Skype (@thecommunicationcoach) – a safe space where you can check in, be honest and be heard.  BOOK HERE
  • Or using FB Video Call. (use messenger call to my My Profile
  • And now we can utilize ZOOM to connect and work together. (I’ll send you the links)
  • You can always use the contact form to drop me a line via email, I love to hear from you.
  • You can follow my Facebook Page: Hidden Pathways Oracle and Guidance 
  • and join my amazing community at: Hidden Pathways: Illuminating your way forward

Why Choose to work with me?

When looking for support and guidance you want someone who really knows what you have been through, and will never judge you. You also want someone who won’t always ‘play nice’ – who will call you out on your stuff and challenge you to be your best self – even on your worst days.This is why I am able to so confidently offer you this space and my service.

I offer Readings, Guidance and Healing to those in pain, who are struggling with life and looking for The Light at the end of the Tunnel as well as those seeking a little clarity through changes in their life.

If any of that sounds like you – then we may just be a good fit.