What does your In-Box say about you?

Think about that for a moment. If someone were to access your ‘main email’ what would they find?

A perfectly organised  set of quality communications with important contacts – vital to the smooth running of your life and business?

Or something resembling ‘that drawer’ in the kitchen – you know – the one you simply chuck everything into because you’ve nowhere else to put it?

Is your unopened email numbering over 1000? Over 2000?


Does it include all those ‘Lists’ you subscribed to to get those ‘Vital List of ten ways to  build a life and business you LOVE’ alongside ‘Healthy recipes for your Paleo Diet’ and ‘Writing Tips for your next Bestseller’ next to ‘Whats On in your local comedy club’, sandwiched between ‘More About Your Guru (don’t call me a guru) and heaven knows what else?

Or is it just me?

I have a suspicion that the creatives amongst you are, like myself, almost driven to sign up, to download, to learn just one more thing and store it in our ever increasing storage space on our phones or PC’s (Dropbox, drive, cloud, memory stick anyone?)

This morning I had a bit of a ‘wendy’ and tidied up my working corner, the outhouse and my corner of the bedroom – at the same time reading various emails, links and updates, watching a few videos and signed up to yet another list almost unconsciously as the link was slipped seamlessly into the gripping article on…how to make a compelling sign up system really easy … (Alanis: – That is what I call Irony)  and I was moved to write this blog-post as I feel certain I am not alone.

The addiction of joining new lists, gathering yet more information, joining more and more courses and downloading e-book upon e-book has got to be our most shared affliction…yet we are still not quite getting the results we crave.

I have a radical suggestion – inspired in part by a comment I posted on a forum yesterday regarding ‘Finding One’s Passion’. I think we should leave them all. delete them all. unsubscribe from EVERYTHING and totally empty that inbox.


WHAT????? I hear you cry! But I LOVE getting those gorgeous, illustrated, warm and fuzzies in my inbox – why would I leave?

The Quick Answer: Because you cannot be trusted to choose which to unsubscribe from,e anymore than you can be trusted to properly clear-out your closet (come on – I know you’ve read the Kon Mari Method).

The beauty of this approach is that once you are clear of everything non-essential you are then in a position to truly CHOOSE which lists best represent you, which actually contribute positively to your life and business and immediately feel the relief of space and clarity around your precious email.


And that is the crux of this post: If you clear the decks you get to choose.

You eradicate overwhelm and frustration. You eradicate the guilt of non-engagement and you get to really enjoy receiving mail again (remember the old days when you got your first email address and it lay dormant and dusty because you had no-one to email you? Those days will never be seen again)

I began this post asking a question: What does your inbox say about you? Well, regardless how disparate the contents of your inbox, a clean and tidy space tells the world one thing for sure: I am in control! I am taking no messing! And that, my friends is one heck of a place to be. (and no…there is no ‘sign up box’ here…that would be just too silly!)