Welcome to The Diamond Mine

Welcome To The Diamond Mine


Welcome! You found your way to the coal face and are ready to dive deep and mine for treasure! So what’s this all about?


This is the place where you can join in the Greatest Excavation of your Life: The Place to find your Diamonds in the Dust and I am here to guide you every step of the way.

Once you sign up you will receive a Guidepost into your inbox every day for 7 days.

These Guideposts feature a Video Training to introduce you to the each step; a downloadable PDF guide and and invite to join an exclusive “Diamond Mine Community” on Facebook where you can share your discoveries, ask any questions and learn where to go next to turn your excavated ‘raw materials’ into shining gems, your very own Diamonds in the Dust!

Dive in Here

So who is this for?


  • If you are feeling the pull to ‘do more’ and ‘be more’ and feel that you are here to ‘make a difference’ but you don’t believe you’ve got anything new to say – This is for You!
  • If you are drawn to help others and use your innate skills and talents but you fear that nobody will take you seriously because of where you come from – This is for You!
  • If you have been working on yourself for years; you’ve read the books, taken the courses and finally feel ready to step up and take the reigns but your past still haunts you – This is for You!

Who it is NOT for? (cos, really, It’s not for just anyone you know)

  • If you dislike yourself and everything about your life – this is not the place for you
  • If you find it easy to blame other people or your situation for where you are right now – this is not the place for you
  • If you are not prepared to take 100% responsibility for where you are right now – This is not the place for you
  • If you are looking for an emotional dumping ground and a place to bitch and moan about how terrible life is for you – this  most certainly is not the place for you. (Hey – I wish you well, I truly do, but I am not your girl!)

However if you have…


  • Survived a childhood full of pain and are still standing,
  • Experienced soul-searing grief or loss but refuse to quit,
  • Spent years feeling guilty for the pains of others – and worn yourself out trying to help them,
  • Have a history of being bullied, oppressed, silenced, overpowered, controlled or abused (in any way which matters to you) and you have worked hard to move on but still feel the stain on your soul and the bruises on your heart,
  • Read the books, listened to the podcasts and done the courses, feel almost ready to emerge – but are struggling to find a vehicle or a clear message to share amidst the chaos of your experience -yet you know this is why you are here

    … This is exactly for you! (Yay! I’m so glad you found me)

Dive in here

So what will you receive if you choose to journey with me? 


  • You will receive one video class per day for 7 days. in my video’s I will introduce you to my ‘Hidden Pathways in 7 Words’ system for gaining clarity and rediscovering your personal power in any area of your life.
  • I have studied this system myself and applied it to my own journey; shifting from Depressed and Doubtful to Fired up and fabulous with ease and pleasure. If using this incredibly simple method can do that for me I just know it will work for you too.
  • Based on ancient traditions and historic texts, this system is simple, accessible and anyone can apply it – to any facet of your life. It is wonderfully simple and Beautifully complex.

Why is this a FREE COURSE? 


Good Question. It won’t always be FREE but the reason is simple: You don’t know me and I want more than anything for you to get to know me, my work and learn to love it all.

I’ve got nothing to hide and everything to share! I have worked 1-2-1 with incredible clients for over 20 years but I am ready to reach a wider audience and help more people. To do that I need to create something useful, accessible and powerful, something that really works. 

This system was derived from ancient texts and practices, created by a man for a mans world and I have worked very hard to feminise my delivery and make all the training truly empowering for women of all ages and stages.

Whether you are in the phase of Maiden (puberty-29) just setting of on your journey through life; Mother  (30-45) who is busy caring for others and nurturing her own world, or Queen (50-70) embracing the prime of your life, declaring enough is enough, determined to do what you came here to do or Crone (60+), a wise women, an elder, with all the experience of life who simply wishes to reclaim her sovereignty in a world that often makes us feel invisible; whatever phase you relate to, this work is for you to discover, shape and polish all that you are and have ever been.

Woman, you are a Goddess! This introductory course will, I hope,give you an insight into the powerful work, and show you just how powerful YOU can be! I am on a mission to reveal the hidden Divinity within the women of the earth, and I am starting with YOU!

I was once where you are now and I won’t rest until I have done all I can to help other ‘Diamonds’ to shine their light.

I also want to know what you truly want and need so I can create the best training possible for you – and others like you  (because, you know, you’re not alone, right?) I want you to join up, try it out, tel me what you think and recommend me to your network – how’s that for upfront and honest?

So pop your details in the box, and your first video class will be winging its way to you.

Any problems with signing up or receiving our emails please drop us a line at discovery@robertaleesmart.com and we will get you hooked up.



  1. How long is this course- I am really busy right now? This introductory FREE course is only 7 days long. So it will not take over your whole life – but the videos are yours to keep so you can refer back to the trainings as often as you like.
  2. What will I actually have to do? Is there a lot of writing? In each video I introduce you to an aspect of the programme – there are 7 in all so you will simply learn about each stage, and you will have access to a PDF download worksheet to go through. This is simple and will act as a prompt for you to explore further. A lot of the ‘work’ will be done in your every day life as you choose to apply the steps, and record your experiences in a journal. All I recommend is that you treat yourself to a new journal and a gorgeous pen (or pens) and you can write, draw, paint or scribble as you see fit to record your journey.
  3. Is there a Facebook Group? Yes, I will be inviting you to join a Private Facebook group where you can discuss your journey through each phase of the course. As the course is only 7 days, but I know it will take you much longer to fully integrate the whole system, this group will be open indefinitely. I feel that people will join this course at different times and those who walk through first will be of great support to newcomers. And what better way to integrate new learning into your own life than to help others? This truly is a community of miners sharing the journey below ground and back toward the light.


So whats the catch?


No catch at all! This course if free, yours to keep and the only thing I ask for in exchange is your feedback on your experience. I will send out a questionnaire and will also be holding a webinar on Day 8 to allow everyone who took part to share their experiences and I truly hope you will join us and give me feedback on your journey. I really appreciate you trusting me with your time, your details but most importantly with your soul – for this is deep, deep work and not for the fainthearted, and once again, I thank you for trusting me to guide you and keep you safe.

It will be my absolute honour.

Dive in Here