The Communication Coach…in 7 words 






BOUNDARIES: I’m based in Gloucestershire and work with groups and individuals across the globe via SKYPE, email and phone sessions. I work with people like you  – Talented, skilled, but lost in the midst of their own life. Where things are ‘not quite right’ but with the right support and guidance can be INCREDIBLE!

IDENTITY: As The Communication Coach – a life coach specialising in communications issues on relationships, working environments, parenting and animal communications. My work also features CREATIVITY: ARTing, writing, dancing and speaking – however you want to expand and find more joy in your life.

CHOICE:  I support you in Getting Clear on what you want to choose – and creating priorities. I support you in accessing your inner strength and Inner Wisdom, developing an increased sense of trust in yourself and your intuition.

TRUTH: You have a DEEP TRUTH within you, which has been silenced by the wishes and expectations of others as you grew up. Now is the time to reconnect with your TRUTH so that the  next time someone says ‘Speak your Truth’ you’ll not have to respond – but what is mine? #Win




ATTENTION: I only pay attention to the areas of life I am passionate about. So I am working to attract the attention of people who need what I have to offer. Being clear on what matters to you is the key to filling your life with joy rather than becoming overwhelmed.

OPENNESS:  Getting honest and real with yourself and how you feel is the first step to healing any wounds and recovering your inner strength. In order to get the best from coaching you need to be open to change – which may mean accepting discomfort and checking in with whats ‘wrong’ in order to put it right. My job is to keep you safe whilst you navigate the tricky waters of change.

EXCHANGE: The most valuable relationships in the world are based on mutual exchange – a sharing of information, a trade of goods or services or even good old fashioned money. When we value something we are willing to exchange like for like on an energetic basis and this forms the foundation of a long lasting relationship of trust and support.

COMMUNION: I offer guided meditations, breathing exercises and mantras to support your Spiritual Journey. Regardless of you own beliefs – and I am not trying to convert you to anything – I know that these tools will only add value to your journey

I am also involving my passion for horses  as I team up with a World-Class Equine Therapist Izzy Nutting to offer beautiful heart-centred sessions of self discovery and confidence building, working with a Natural Herd of gorgeous horses and ponies at a ‘Secret Location’ in the Heart of the Cotswolds. It has long been a dream of mine to study equine therapy and now I have the chance to work with a wonderful facilitator – a true dream come true. And you are invited to join us!




APPRECIATION: How much of your life is filled with ‘To-Do Lists’ that don’t even resemble your interests at all? Are you constantly running errands for others, fulfilling the deadlines of others and facilitating the growth and prosperity of others..and hardly finding any time for You at all? By getting clear on what you Truly Appreciate and placing it front and centre in your daily routine – you will find yourself feeling less stressed, and more appreciative of every part of your life.

VALUING: WE all have more to do than we can possibly manage, so it is vital that we concentrate on Areasof Value in order to get the most out of life. DO you value spending time with loved ones, or maybe going walking alone? DO you value working overtime to make extra money or having as much time off as possible so you can write your novel? We are all different and it is up to you to decide and commit to supporting your True Values and sharing those with others.

GIVING: The art of giving – of your time, your energy or your resources, not to mention gifting is something we all hold dear. Where you decide to give, and how much is always in your hands, but know that The Art of Giving enables us to develop our Art of Receiving and lead in time to The Art of Asking – so we learn to ask for our needs to be met as well as willingly meeting the needs of others. what a satisfying way to live.

HEART ESSENCE: The spirit thrives on love and attention, on sharing itself and seeing itself, on rediscovering itself over and over through interactions with others. When you are truly appreciating your life, valuing what truly matters to you and giving of yourself honestly and openly, then you will know Heart Essence and find peace withing, regardless of the chaos swirling outside.




As well as bringing the new into your life, it is vital that you make room by ‘letting go’ of what no longer serves you. I can support you through this sometimes difficult process and by using clear and precise methods to determine what is no longer serving you and hold the space whilst you re-calibrate yourself.

REALISATION: You will soon become clear on those areas of life that need to change, those people whoa re not beneficial to your life, those habits that are really holding you back and things which have been taking over your life that you just want to say GOODBYE to.

DECISION. Once you see clearly you can make some firm first steps: Stop Smoking, for example. Eat 5 portions of veg a day. Blog weekly or simply take half an hour to play with the kids before bedtime and really enjoy it! Whatever changes you have noticed as you work through these teachings. or maybe discovered in your journalling practice, you are now well placed to make those decisions and get all the support you need to make it happen. (Herein lies the juice of coaching)

COMPLETION: How often have you made a strong decision, announced it to the world and failed to stick to it? How often have you had ‘make or break’ talks with a partner or family member about something yet quickly fallen back into the same old pattern again? The ability to complete once you have made your decision is something you need to practice again and again, get support with, as our old habits pull us backwards really strongly – such is the lure of familiarity. A life coach can be there to encourage you, to check in with you and remind you of your goal and how great it feels when you really do stick to your decisions.

MOVING ON.  Once you have done all you can then it is simply a case of Letting Go as we move forward on our own path, knowing that we have tied up all our loose ends and we have released all emotional baggage which may have been weighing us down. If you are still feeling heavy after dealing with a situation – check in with your GOOODBYE and ensure you have thoroughly managed all four stages – and call in support to get you through it.




In order to get where you want to be you have to be clear on where you are going. Setting goals, having firm intentions about ‘what’ you want to achieve, even if you are not sure ‘how.’ No man is an island and we all need to utilise the skills and talents of others if we are ever going to achieve our dreams. I can signpost you to others with the skills you are looking for and hold space for your collaborations and joint explorations.

VISION: Like any business owner, I have a vision – to make a difference, to be of service and to use my skills to the best of my ability. Also to work where, when and how it suits me best – allowing for self-care and balance in every aspect of my life. I will work with you and your vision for your life – whether it is simply to tweak your current life to get to optimal, or indeed a radical departure from your normal (Working with Orangutans in Borneo anyone?), I will guide and support your dream into fruition.

INTENTION: What is your key intention? Mine is to be ‘Helpful’ – and learn how to bring that into balance so that I am not becoming a doormat. Are you aiming high to achieve the greatest reward? Are you, like an Olympian athlete or maybe you are stepping away from the corporate busyness of the life you’ve lived to start again living modestly whilst you rescue animals or create works of art. Whatever your personal and powerful intention – remaining loyal to it is hard when you are met with pressure from outside – so I offer a safe space and a protected community in which you can grow in confidence.

CO-OPERATION: We cannot expect ourselves to be experts in everything – so we need others to join our cause, to add in their skills, knowledge and expertise so that we can, as a community achieve all our goals. If you are the creative, you may not be so good at organisation – so you get yourself a VA (virtual assistant), or maybe you need help keeping track of processes and finances – so you bring in an accountant, a details-girl who loves nothing more than getting ‘down and dirty’ with the nitty-gritty of operations and balance sheets (weird, I know – but they are out there)

PRAYER: Your spirit needs to be a part of this process. as you grown and learn and stretch yourself, so your soul relaxes and expands into its truest form. Every intention is a prayer. Every wish is an intention shared with the world. By incorporating the Law of Attraction (LOA) into your planning schedule you will become crystal clear about what you do want, and also super clear about what you don’t. May your prayers be answered by the coming together of all your hopes and dreams, skills and talents in the LOVE of an ever expanding universe of possibilities.




Sometimes that hardest part of change is dealing with the disappointment of others as you progress; quite often the changes you want so badly are the last thing others wish to see, and it is vital that we can maintain a strong sense of our own responsibility and let go of what is not ours. I can help heal the wounds left by ‘old stuff’ and clear your energy as you move forward.

RESPONSIBILITY: What are you actually responsible for? What does that word actually mean to you? For some it means BLAME, for others it means WEIGHT and EXPECTATION. I help you to clarify exactly where your responsibility lies, and grow to understand that other peoples feelings are actually none of your business, merely their own journey through life. But we will find we upset others or thwart their own agendas as we move forward with passion and focus. For this we can accept  our part and seek to settle the waters so that we all live harmoniously – for after all, isn’t that exactly what we are all aiming for?

REMORSE: We must all understand that we do affect others without intending to do so – and in fact if we hurt others it is mends – this is where the ‘Say Sorry’ comes from that we programme into small children (although it is better if we fully understand why we are saying it and we actually mean it) To show remorse is to show compassion and- hopefully – to empathise with their feelings , because, after all , no-one likes to be hurt or feel slighted and it is with this understanding that we offer our remorse to others. It is an innate sign of our humanity.

REPAIR: Once we have shared our compassion we can set about putting things right – paying what we owe, fixing what was broken or beginning to make an effort to regain the trust that someone once had in us (in my opinion the most valuable reparation of all) Understanding that things cannot always be fixed instantly – a willingness to commit to reparation and an effort to do what we agree to do, to show our commitment to another is sometimes all it takes, remember we can never undo what is done, but we can, with honesty and integrity offer our apologies and act differently by way of a guarantee. Remember: Actions speak louder than words

RELEASE: The key to any change is to let go and move on once you have done all you can do. When I work with clients I can offer them, lead them, encourage them and hold them to account – but at the end of our tie together – as agreed mutually – it is time to let go and watch them fly. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing those people you have loved and supported in a time of struggle finally find their feet, their happiness and their Inner Power. As it is with working our way through ‘Sorry’, once you have done what you can, let it go, and allow the other person to choose their path – please do not ever fall into the trap of believing that just because they are hurting, then you too must be suffering – contrary to popular opinion, your pain does no alleviate the suffering of others – EVER!



When we reach the place of comfort , we are in a place of peace and softness. Nothing to defend, nothing to fight for, we accept everything as it is, we are in agreement with the others we have around us. This almost-blissful state of surrender is what we all aspire to and my job is to help you find the best way there, again and again, because, as we all know, The Only Constant is Change.

PERMISSION:  At the beginning we looked at BOUNDARIES and the need to decide where started and ended, well here in the place of YES we have no need to clarifying our boundaries because everything in in sync with us. We are in a place of permission, where only those who match us perfectly are interacting with us and they know exactly who we are. Such a peaceful place – think of your family, when you no longer have say NO a thousand times a day because they understand the rules and are willingly living within them. Bliss!

ACCEPTANCE:   We have created a life we love, our routine fits us perfectly, our working and family time is clearly seen and understood and we do not feel overwhelmed with negativity or acquiescing to others’ demands. We can accept the ebb and flow of other peoples lives, behaviours and attitudes. And in accepting, forgive, and thus find peace in even the most perilous places. To accept what is is to find true inner peace – and also understand that nothing is permanent so accept all the changes too.

AGREEMENT: Being in agreement doesn’t mean simply ‘shut up and put up’ like you may have done in the past, it is the deep knowing that there is nothing you have to defend or protect; that you are not ‘walking on eggshells’ trying not to offend anyone as you grow and expand; being in agreement means you have surrounded yourself with the right people at the right time and you are fully in your power. The state of YES is your reward for ‘doing the work’ on yourself as you went along. And it is never a permanent place – how dull, but part of the ongoing spiral of living that takes in dips and troughs with dignity and doesn’t feel the need to fall into abuse or the self or others.

SURRENDER: In the evening I sit out in my garden and talk to the moon, no matter what phase she is in – when she is dark and hiding close to the setting sun I feel her and breathe in her power in silence as she urges me to conceive, to set seed, to begin. When i observe her waxing, I feel her pulling me forward, urging me to grow with her, to breathe deeply, to swell and hold fast to those deeply hidden ideas and new feelings until at her fullest I too am ready to birth yet another idea, share another vision or dream another dream. Then she wanes, slowly fading and I too, fall into rest, and relaxation knowing that there is always time for me, and that soon enough I shall be pulled upward and outward yet again.

To me this sums up the Art of Surrender and I invite you to join me as we journey along the spiral, each following her own path, yet each of us cheer-leading for our sisters on the way; waving up to those who have climbed higher than us and are encouraging us to continue, or throwing open our arms to those who are following behind, and need so much support to begin their climb up Mount Hope to the Summit of Dreams.

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