Stranger in a Strange Land

You are lost in your world. An alien on your own planet. A stranger to your own desires.

You feel like you are going crazy as you watch the world around you spin out of control. You live for The Light but Oh so often you feel engulfed by Darkness.

I am here to tell you that you are not alone. You are not invisible. You are not overlooked.

Sometimes you simply have to reach out and grab what is right in front of you. So here…take my hand, I am holding it out to you.

My Soul Purpose is to WITNESS the gifts in others. To ILLUMINATE their journey so that they may bring their gifts to the world. I am literally HERE FOR YOU.

My work is not selfless or altruistic – far from it. My work is WHAT I MUST DO. To refuse to show up, to refuse to see, to refuse to hear, would be to refuse to live. My work is My Life and the reason I am here.


It is odd that for so long I carried the lament that ‘I don’t know who I am’ and really struggled with my identity, aware that I was a Pure Chameleon, ever changing to fit in with the environment in which I found myself. An actress always, I was able adapt myself to keep everyone happy and ensure that I always fitted in.

In my childhood the sense of isolation was overwhelming; feeling unwanted and unappreciated within my family and scared to ever step out of line for fear of total rejection (literally fearing for my life in the most visceral sense) I learned early on to keep quiet, say yes, agree and support all of those around me or risk being excluded and ‘left for the wolves’.

It has taken years of soul searching, pain and loss, joy and pleasure to finally discover what was there all along; I am the most perfect ME I could ever be and all I ever had to do was accept who I was – even when nobody else did, then I would find my way home.

In recent years however, it has become apparent that I have gifts to share and other souls, struggling and scared have found themselves turning to me in order to find the clarity that was missing from their lives, and I always gave willingly what was , to me, nothing at all. Until I realised the immense value in my insight, my heart, my love and my healing.

I then realised that not everyone thought like I did, not everyone could see what I could see. I slowly began to accept that I was indeed gifted and had a purpose to perform. It mattered not what everyone thought but only what this one person feels, right now and that has never changed.

I am an Intuitive Empath and also have many of the ‘sensitivities’ of the magical realms: Clairvoyance (Clear Sight), Clairaudience (Clear Hearing), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling) and Claircognizance (Clear Knowing)…which does NOT mean I’m a Know-All, far from it, it simply meant that once I am deeply connected to another person I can trust my gut to lead me in the right direction, and my intuition will set me right.

So now that I have overcome the hurdles of youth, managed to regain my sanity (that’s another story) and am standing fully in my power, I am fully able to stand tall in public and offer my services to those who want my guidance, support and clarity and gather my own tribe together in a wonderful place called The Soul Garden.

Here in the Soul Garden I tend hearts and souls; lovingly tend my seedlings of possiblitity, encouraging them to bloom fully into their natural state: Some the souls I tend are ancient and wise: the Oaks of the forest – teachers and mentors themselves, they seek only to be heard and understood, to be valued for all that they are and have ever been.

Some are tiny seeds of pure potentiality, looking for a safe space to set root and make a life for themselves. They know not whether they will be seen as flowers or weeds but cannot stop themselves from being all that they are: See that little buttercup soul over there: So Yellow! No-one would ever complain that the buttercup is too yellow so why would you ever think that you will be considered too much and have to hide your you-ness. Like my little buttercup you are perfect exactly as you are: as are all the beautiful souls in The Soul Garden.

Be The Change

My dandelion friends wanted to bring you a message this morning, to remind you of the immense power you hold within you – the Power of Source in perfect connection to The Soul of Gaia which manifests itself as You.

You are most welcome here in The Soul Garden, please share your SELF here, and show us your gifts

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