Spring has Sprung and New Arrivals are on their way!


New Arrivals?

How do you tell your children that there is a new baby on the way? It can be one of the most difficult conversations you will ever have: and it is vital that older kids don’t feel abandoned and toddlers don’t feel scared that they have been replaced.

Under fives will hardly notice and simply accept the news once delivery is imminent however, by the age of 8 or 9 your youngsters will have some understanding of ‘how’ a baby’s made and you may well find yourself having to answer some more complicated questions. It is advised that you encourage the child to lead the conversation and be as honest and open as you can be. They will soon lose interest and wander off to something more interesting, so don’t be afraid of overwhelming them, they will soon let you know when you are boring them!


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Once baby arrives you will need to take care of not only the baby and your other children, but yourself too. You will undoubtedly lose sleep, so ensure you are not over doing it and call in help from wherever you can: Delegating simple tasks to older children and really showing your appreciation for their help can be beneficial to both parties. You get the help you need, with laundry, washing up and tidying, maybe, and they get to learn and grow and feel valued. Such a powerful experience for them!


Share the Joy

And for those of you welcograndparents-1131890_1920ming Grand Children into the family it is a wonderful time to share your Wisdom and the benefits of your experience and support your children as they grow as parents.

Young families are often far away from extended family so using modern technology like SKYPE to keep in touch and sharing photo’s on Social Media can all help keep families together, despite the miles.

This spring why not explore ways in which you can share your children’s milestones with family, and make the most of the winter days? From scrap-booking favourite photos to creating an online diary to share with family, anything is possible.


It’s never too late to learn

If you are not online at home or want to learn more about using new technology, why not drop into your local library or Community Centre where you can access courses on all sorts of things from digital photography to sending an email? Our local college also offers short courses covering all forms of digital technology to get you started and ensure that when the kids get computer savvy, you won’t be left behind.

Let new arrivals be the catalyst or earning something new and feel confident that, no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to learn something new.

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