Mini Reading


This mini reading will answer a specific question – such as ‘Which direction should I take? Should I stay or should I go? How do I feel better about this situation? What is coming next? How do I get over what happened?

Keeping your question open and optimistic, holding the expectation of The Best Information for your Highest Good means that although you may not always appreciate the answer – you can trust in its integrity.  Sometimes we all need to travel through the shadows in order to discover the light, and my work takes us through all the vistas of life.

If you work with me, you know that you are not alone, and a Mini-Reading is a great way to see if we are a good fit for your onward journey.

Many clients like to dip their toe in with a mini reading before coming back for deeper work and ongoing coaching support throughout their lives. Consider this an amuse-bouche for your soul. A tasty little morsel to whet your appetite and give you the confidence to really get clear on your dreams and desires.


We all need a little helping hand now and again,

simply ask me your question and I will pull 3-5 cards

and offer you the guidance that the universe wants you to know.

Your reading will be sent to you via email including pictures of all your cards

and the information I receive.



NOTE: This mini reading does NOT include interpretations of each card, but an overall offering of guidance as indicated by the energy the cards present.
NB: All readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered otherwise. Please consult a doctor or lawyer for health and legal advice.


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