Intuitive Magic Bundle


Intuitive Magic Bundle

1 Pack of Hidden Pathways Oracle Cards – 35 hand designed cards which represent the Universal 7 Words System and connect with the power of Trees, to bring a deeply satisfying, soul guidance system suitable for single card pulls, readings for self or others and work beautifully alongside other divination tools.

1 Angelic Blessings Calendar featuring the stunning artwork of Lydia Ann Sturges. Each month features a unique and sympathetically inspired angel to guide you through your year. And once the calendar is used you have 12 gorgeous images to keep and access for ever – who is YOUR Guardian Angel?

1 Hand crafted pendant or pendulum. Consisting of tumbled stones including quartz, rose quartz, citrine, tigers eye, amethyst and others. All are wrapped with copper wire for maximum energy transference, are infused with Reiki Energy and blessed in Full Moon Water prior to sending to you.



Consisting of 1 Pack of Hidden Pathways Oracle Cards

1 Angelic Blessings Calendar

A hand crafted Pendulum/ Pendant consisting of copper wire wrapped tumble stones, hand crafted in Wales.

Please use the form below to request a certain crystal for your pendulum. If you son’t know which crystal you need, we shall intuitively choose for you, so any guidance you give will ensure you get what you really need. You could ask for a large or small crystal, a colour preference, a smooth or rough stone, a point or a tumble stone. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your personal preferences – or leave it up to us to connect with your energy and create the perfect pendulum for you!

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 35 x 25 x 05 cm


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