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At Last, you can own your very own deck of Hidden Pathways Oracle Cards, hand designed, full colour cards created to guide you through life and relationships with ease.

Based on a communication system with its roots in the mountains of Turkey amid the ancient tribes of the Sufi, this deck has a touch of the divine feminine and the blessing of Gaia.

Using Trees as the theme, each card speaks to you in word and picture, offering insight through colour, tone, texture and subject. Encouraging intuitive interpretation this deck does not feature a Guide Book as such, for every reader will receive insight unique to their time and place.

Every time you pull a card you will feel a whole new message coming through to support you, uplift you, encourage you and wrap you in safety.

There are no Bad cards, there are no ‘reverse’ images, the only insight you will receive are those from your higher self, the divine source and mother earth as you connect with your pure divine self for your highest good.


Use this deck to navigate your way through family life, overcome struggles and solve tricky problems.

Turn to the cards to tell you exactly what is going on when you lose sight of what is right in front of your face.

Join the Facebook Group to share your readings, understandings and discoveries with a community of other Hidden Pathway Oracle Lovers.


Supplied in a plain box so that you can decant these incredible cards into the sacred vessel of your choice, each deck is activated with Healing Ray Energy, encased in a beautiful Golden Gaize Gift Bag and arrives in a shiny envelope, because who doesn’t love a shiny package on the doorstep.

Shipping is included for UK orders and will be advised for overseas clients.

Follow me on You Tube, to see me use the cards, offer guidance to clients and answer specific questions.

Follow me on Facebook  to catch up on my weekly FB LIve at 6pm every Saturday.

Join the Hidden Pathways Oracle Circle Group to share your experiences of the deck and learn about new developments first!

(Yes I am uploading the e-guide to give you some insight into my experiences of the cards, and I am currently creating the Hidden Pathways Healing Essence Spray and a range of Essential Oil Blends to match each Suit of the Deck)



A Unique Deck of 35 Artist Cards, embracing the colours of the chakras and the powers of the Universe.



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Weight 190 g
Dimensions 255 x 206 x 50 cm

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I normally struggle with reading cards, I look at the Tarot and they look just like pictures to me.
    But THESE! These speak to me. I pull the cards, and I hear what’s being said to me. I would highly recommend for you to buy these. You won’t be disappointed, you will be guided.

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