Hidden Pathways Discovery Session


Hidden Pathways Discovery Session is specially designed to offer you support, strength, understanding and energise your pathway forward. It is a subtle process, which goes at your pace and only focuses on the areas YOU most want to know about.


Unlock your inner world using Tarot, Oracle and Wisdom cards, intuitive Guidance and Heart Centred Interpretations.

These gentle and supportive readings are crafted to offer you a deeper understanding of exactly who you are and what you are here for. If you are feeling disconnected, a reading can illuminate where things can be developed, and you will know you are not alone on this journey.

You can ask for as much or as little as you need – I will use my guides and access your magical energy to uncover the secrets you hold within you.

This reading is perfect if you are new to having readings and need to feel very safe and guided throughout the process. I will fully explain everything I discover and leave you feeling illuminated, refreshed and, most importantly, understood.


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