Roberta Lee Smart

Gaia Guidance Session


A Personal Guidance Session with me, Roberta Lee Smart

121 or via Skype. (telephone/FB Call also available)

90 minutes duration.

Featuring meditation, visualisation, guided wisdom and use of any tools I am guided to access during our session.

Please ensure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Have a glass of water nearby and I advise you to create the most relaxing space you can using, scent, texture, light or darkness as you prefer. (you can even enjoy a bit of raw cacao if the mood takes you)


You are looking to rediscover and reconnect with your deepest, most real real self.

Accessing the Loving Guidance of Gaia we will reveal your True Pathway and provide you with a Passion Map to take you exactly where you want to go.

Gaia is our Earth Mother and gives unconditional love and support to us all.

A lack of connection to this Immense Truth can leave us floating in a sea of uncertainty. I am here to work with your Highest Energy, My Guides and the Loving Wisdom of Gaia – our mother – to offer you peace and security, love and an endless connection to source.

Enough of searching. This is the end of Frustration. Now is the time to revel in your intuitive knowledge; live resplendent in your creative nature and exult in your passions.

If you know there is more for you , but have struggled to find it. If you are terrified of what you might find and are overwhelmed by showing up and being seen, this Loving Guidance of Gaia session will leave you relaxed, trusting of yourself and ready to take the next steps boldly and enthusiastically.

Each session last 90 minutes via Skype or face to face.



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