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You are getting lost amid the woodland and cannot find the path. the light is fading and you are desperately searching for a light…allow me to help you. Hidden Pathways Readings© will Illuminate Your Pathway Forwards.

My readings will connect my light to yours and allow us both to travel together towards the light you are seeking.

I support you in travelling safely, confidently and allowing your Truest Self to guide you, rather than your fear and restriction.

I engage my Intuition and my Guides to offer you the most accurate and personal of readings, which will not fail to support you as you journey forward.


Feeling lost, confused or frustrated?

Are you over thinking and tying yourself in knots?

Let me help you. By connecting with your Guides and mine, I can access the deepest and truest information to help you move forward with confidence and ease.

If you are looking for guidance within a specific area (work, relationships, future plans etc) this reading is offered to fully illuminate ‘where you are‘ and help you see clearly the options ahead of you.

I use a variety tools as I am called to to offer you the best guidance possible.

This Intuitive Reading may feature Tarot Cards, Rune Magic, Oracle Insight and Intuitive ‘Downloads’ as they appear.

All details, including photographs of all tools used, will be included in your personal report which will be emailed to the address provided.

Please include full name and date of birth along with your best email address when you order this reading.


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