Angelic Inspirations Calendar 2018


These delicately represented angels are uniquely gifted to bring you messages of hope, love and joy no matter where you might find yourself. With your Angels beside you, you are never alone.


Created by Inspired Artist Lydia Sturges and her partner James in their highland den, this calendar brings together 12 of the most potent and powerful angelic messages you could want.

After time spent in the presence of angels in meditation, out on the moorlands and amid the dells and valleys of their highland home, Lydia and James were guided to bring the messages of the angels onto canvas.

Of the hundreds of Angels Lydia and James connected with, these 12 stepped forward to come to you for 2018, to bring their message of hope, power and enlightenment.

It is clear that we are in a changing world and now more than ever we need help to navigate the myriad of dark forces surrounding us. The magic of angels is given freely yet not without your express permission.

You have to  ASK for help from the divine, for it is written that no divine being may interfere in the life path of a human.

This is the code of angels and the reason is clear: it is the power of your INTENTION which creates your experience. Contrary to popular belief it is not cheating to ask for help, but rather a prudent and sensible option. If you cannot create the result you want alone – and who can? Then ask for help and it shall  be granted.

The Angelic Inspiration Calendar is simple yet powerful – as all good magic is – and will be a constant reminder to you to invoke your guardian angels, your divine support and look to your intuition for the next right steps.


Additional information

Weight 160 g
Dimensions 32 x 23 x 1 cm


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