Angel Bundle


This gorgeous Angelic Bundle  Consists of 1 Angelic Inspirations Calendar. 1 Pack of Reiki- Infused Hidden Pathways® Oracle Cards. PLUS a BONUS 30 minute session of illumination and clarity.

Items shipped separately.






Have you met your guardian angel?  Would you like to?  

How about discovering a way to follow your intuition day in and day out,

with 100% TRUST in the guidance you are receiving?

This incredible, magic-infused bundle will bring you not only a monthly guidance from your guardian angels,
and daily guidance from your Higher Self but a wonderful way to answer any question,
solve any problem and find a peaceful and satisfying solution for any quandary! That’s Magic!

This incredible, magic- infused bundle consists of:

1 Angelic Inspirations Calendar,

1 pack of Hidden Pathways Oracle Cards

and a bonus of a 30 minute Illumination Session where

you will meet your guardian Angel and receive your Power Word for the year ahead.


This pack is the perfect introduction to working with your intuition, developing a self care practice and discovering how you can be of service in the world. If you are building a business, launching a creative project or stepping out from your recent training to launch your  holistic practice, this bundle will serve to support YOU as you develop your practice of helping others.

To support your journey and add a little sparkle to your practice I am offering a  30 minute 121 session to illuminate your Guardian Angel from those featured, your birthday message according to your Angel of the Month AND give you a Word of the Year to guide you forward through the next 12 months. (You will be contacted to book your session upon receipt of your order)





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