One Door Closes…

doorsAnother door opens, or so they say.

I recently had to bid farewell to my beloved Sister Circle during a time of turbulent change and I won’t lie, it hurt.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to join a secret circle of incredible women with the intention of Sister Funding those heart-projects we hold so dear.

Sister Funding

I believe Sister Funding is a British version of Gifting Circles, which originated in The States and featured wealthy women joining forces and pooling resources to make things happen without need of banks and public loans. In the US the ‘invite sum’ was £5000 I believe, and money was the name of the game.

Here in the UK, the theme had shifted slightly toward a slightly more gentle, loving and holistic viewpoint; enabling those who were not so wealthy to join forces, master The Law Of Attraction, manifest their ‘Gift’ and also learn to break through any money blocks they were holding onto.

Living Workshop

The beauty of Circle as a Living Workshop was that every woman, in every position, was able to enjoy self development and share her deepest knowledge for the good of all: a great feeling.

Sadly the British Holistic model meant that the speed of movement was slow and the actual manifesting of our gift (£2000) was harder and slower than for our US sisters.

After a year and a half of leading and serving a wonderful circle, the ongoing stagnation became untenable for our receiver and the circle folded amicably with all involved sharing feelings of sadness and loss as well as a sense of relief as the pressure was off.



I, myself was not looking to leave until I was informed of the commitment details of another project I am embarking on: a history play about Edward III, son of King John – of Magna Carta Fame – which will be performed in some incredible medieval buildings: Grey Friars Priory in Gloucester; Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire; and The Temple Hall, London. As a fan of both Medieval History and Theatre – I am overjoyed to be able to take part in this historic project marking 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta (1315-2015) – which had some major incidents here in Gloucestershire.

A Proclamation is Announced

The rehearsal schedule has been released and features Sunday Afternoons and Monday Evenings from May until the performance in October. As my Sister Circle Call was on a Monday at 8 pm – I was unable to maintain contact and had to step down, so for me the timing was perfect.

It really did feel as though I was being released from one heart-centred commitment toward another, and I couldn’t be happier.

I have also recently relaunched my own business PSYCHIC PARTIES and am once again enjoying travelling around my area giving Intuitive Readings to lovely ladies in the comfort of their own home. SO my life is becoming full of joyful enterprises that not only I enjoy, but they widen my network and create more opportunities in their own way.

Writing Wondersbook-1012275_1280

My local writers group Montpelier Writers Group has also yielded some interesting offers, with a fellow writer proposing that we embark on a metaphysical exploration together; combining our shared love of Metaphysics and Spiritual Matters. He having knowledge of physics, science and maths that explains the deeper forces of the world, and my aptitude for intuitive Arts; Tarot; Healing and Energetic Communications, making us an incredible force.


Artistic Adventures &Pony Sticelandicories

As if that wasn’t enough – I have also entered talks with a wonderful artist friend of mine who draws the most moving and love-filled illustrations; mainly of horses (my favourite thing in the whole world) and children…I have always been inspired by her work, and offer her my words in appreciation – so much so that she reached out to me to thank me for my words and for seeing so much in her ‘little sketches’ , which led, naturally to my proposing we consider writing a book together. She had had the very same idea, and soon we were swapping themes, ideas and settings, as she showed me photo’s of her inspiration ‘Ari’ – a Nordic Pony who looked simply magical and was the perfect muse for both of us.

Life Is Good

As most of you know I have suffered with depression since childhood and became a coach and Life Guide as a way of  making use of all I have learned on my journey back to health and happiness. I must say that I have never been happier, and seeing my children grow and blossom, together with grasping these incredible opportunities with both hands has given me back the joy I was missing in my life; writing, ponies, Magic, Universal Wonder and Historical Explorations; performing, rehearsing and collaborating on heart-projects, well, what’s not to love?