No woman is an island

We are all hurting right now after the horrific events of the weekend. Women the whole world over are coming together in solidarity and connection – calling out to each other across the miles, ‘Sister you are not alone. Sister I see you. Sister I love you’


I am, as always called to find the highest message in my life’s experience and am currently experiencing pain on an ongoing scale – the likes of which I have not felt for many years.

I find myself asking ‘Why?’ And then for illumination into my learning and my journey. As a professional Pathfinder I can only surmise that I am learning to live in and with pain and limitation, in order to better lead others who follow this path. I have lived with a partner with chronic pain for nearly 20 years and thought I had it down – evidently I have much more to learn.10626221_10152420729496586_4946778992176046736_o

I am called more and more into the arms of Gaia, Mother Earth, to seek the solace and the healing I so sorely desire. And she in turn asks that I TRUST the path I am following – for she has never yet led me astray.

I am called to unite with my Sisters the whole world over, in harmony within the protection of Gaia – Our Eternal Mother. In my life and work I am led to Guide and honour the path of those I serve; I am led to touch and heal and honour the body within which the souls endure.Yes, there is pain. yes there is suffering. For this is the realm of the physical, and within the physical we experience sensations at all extremes.

We feel not only with our bodies but also with our minds and emotions. We create stories around our journeys; tales to validate our suffering and to better understand the reasons why life is as it is.

When we feel lost and overwhelmed we seek guidance, to find the light at the end of the tunnel, a way of translating the patterns of misdirection and confusion that appear to follow us throughout our lives; the mishaps and losses that mark our journeys.736713_4314524306641_1323661388_o (1)

I therefore offer you guidance for the soul; through the language of the heart in a way that the mind can comprehend and the body can accept.

To use the imagery of the TAROT to illustrate your journey – to link into the HIGHER SELF and receive messages from the BIGGER PICTURE around your current predicament is to release the unknowing and allow a deeper sense of well-being to prevail.

Add in bodywork and healing modalities; the balancing and refreshing of energy points throughout the body; the cleansing of blocks in the energy system, through use of visualisation, pendulum work and Light Work and the use of affirmation to maintain the new paradigm – and immense shifts can be created.

There is never a good time to suffer. never a good time to struggle. But to avail yourself of quality Guidance, Self Care and Consideration – to have your voice heard, to tell your story and be accepted for all you are – to release negative thought patterns and embrace a new way of living, is all within your grasp.

To work with a practitioner who works from the heart Centre – in LOVE – and seeks only to guide you to your own best outcomes – is to invest in your SELF, Mind , Body and Soul.

I believe that we, as women living in the 21st Century, hold within us the power to heal, not only our own wounds from this life experience; but also the wounds and pains of all who have gone before us. Our Ancestral line can be healed by our own healing. Our fore-mothers can be released from their servitude by our own empowerment – those who were burned, stoned, raped and violated; who lived at the mercy of others, be it parents, husbands, lovers or the state – can all be released and blessed with a loving eternity through our thoughts words and deeds, in the here and now._lady-godiva070323.1174677073

Our work then, is not ours alone – but the work of generations, laid fully at our feet, asking that we use every tool at our disposal to manifest a deep, deep healing for ourselves, our ancestors and indeed, the planet upon which we live.

Light Workers are uniting across the globe to bring harmony where there is upheaval and to bring light where darkness threatens.

To this end I am offering Soul balancing Sessions via Skype to support you in regaining the balance your soul desires. Using a mixture of Intuitive Channelling, Tarot and Oracle cards, and Elemental Magic, I will create a soothing Balm for your troubled soul and offer illumination on your next steps. Soul Balancing Session