Looking Good Feeling Great


Looking Good, Feeling Great.

Happy New Year, Happy New You

You have survived the mayhem of the festive season, over indulged, overspent, got overwrought and are So Over it!

But…with the New Year upon us, now is the time when we traditionally set to making our New Year Resolutions and try to put right all our wrongs.

My advice! Don’t!

To hang with New Year resolutions; statistics say most of us break them by Valentine’s day anyway.

Instead of a list of ‘Fixes’ and ‘Quit’s’, why not go for something more natural, organic and, well, easy?

Positive Planning

Think about making a plan for ‘This time next year I will…..’ this leaves you open to creating improvements, letting go of bad habits gently and setting realistic goals that you might just manage.

We all know we should eat well, exercise more and drink less, so how about creating a Personal Plan of how you want to live, rather than a punishing schedule of deprivation which will only lead you to binge eating and blowing the budget on pay day?


Need inspiration?

Rather than ‘I will lose a stone by the summer’ try ‘I will eat more vegetables with my meals’ and ‘I will drink more water’

Rather than I will quit caffeine, try ‘I will only have one coffee per day’ or ‘ I will have my last cup of tea at 6pm, so I can sleep better’

Rather than ‘I will join the gym and go to a class every day, try ‘I will walk rather than use the car’ (this one saves money too-petrol AND parking)

The’ rather than’ approach is so forgiving and you can’t really fail, if you don’t manage one day, simply try again the next. It’s what Life Coaches call a ’Win/Win’ and I’m all about the win!

The Gift of Gratitude

A great new habit is the Gratitude Journal, whether in your notebook or online, using a separate App or simply updating your status on FaceBook, sharing Three Things you are grateful for is a brilliant way to boost your mood, keep focused on the good stuff and remember not to take the simple things for granted.



Sleep Treats

Of course, getting plenty of sleep is the final part of the ‘New You Plan’, because, I guarantee you are NOT getting enough. With Work/ Kids/ Family/Friends/ Study/ Social life, you are sure to be burning the candle at both ends, so try to ‘give yourself’ a couple of Early Nights, as a Treat. (See what I did there?) Early nights are a great gift to your immune system, your digestion, your busy brain and your confidence. Go On, Treat Yourself, grab some cosy PJ’s, a good book, and a warm (Caffeine Free)Drink and RELAX.

So whether it is January or August – It is never too late to make a fresh start. Have a great year!

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