Just another day?


You know how it is….you wake up feeling out of sorts, grab a coffee instead of breakfast (Seriously, when was the last time you actually ate breakfast?) You mutter mutinously under your breath and head out the de-ice the car before entering the ultimate misnomer which is Rush Hour. 

Once you arrive at work you are probably doing the work of at least three people, with no signs of any help forthcoming and your parents are hinting that they would quite like to pay you a visit.  Cue Stress!

But you soldier on, because, well, what’s the alternative, right? Now here’s the rub: I do not believe in this lifestyle, fundamentally. in the same way I don’t believe in Father Christmas, I think this lifestyle choice is a Bad Thing and must be challenged.


So why are so many people living this way? Simply because it’s the way it’s always been done. It is the way we saw our parents live – either stressed-to-the-max at work or unemployed and fighting the system at every turn. It’s what we were taught at school – or rather brainwashed into believing. After all when did a teacher ever mention to you that you could travel the world, help refugees and write a book all before you are thirty? Never, that’s when.

And did any school advisor ever mention to you that with the onset of modern technology you would be able to create a whole career simply talking into a camera in your bedroom, and you’d make millions of pounds from it – Hell No! But we are witnessing this very thing happening now, right before our eyes think; ZoellaSprinkle of GlitterAlfie Deyes to name but a few. (Yes I’ve got a teenage daughter – how else do you think I know these things?)

So wherever you may find yourself, please believe me when I say, there is a better way.


My passion is for a Feminine Work Ethic: A system of working which incorporates Radical Honesty, Self Care and Respect for all parties. it is non- hierarchical, featuring a circle or spiral as its model as compared to the triangular model of meritocracy.

I feel that everyone should be employed in The work they are meant to do and enjoy the process. (for Employed – please read active rather than paid)

Obviously we all need to be contributing to our society in order to reap the benefits of shared resources; but not at the cost of personal sovereignty, loss of freedom of choice and a system of enslavement disguised as democracy.

I firmly hold that each and every member of our wonderful world (and lets not forget that it is wonderful) should be valued and have the opportunity to bring their best to the table. That the vulnerable and infirm of any age are cared for, by right and that families; the central point of any civilisation, be honoured and respected.


In my view, Mothering should be placed back at the head of all society, with women being worshipped, honoured, respected and cared for, especially as they create new life and bring forth the next generation. This is no small act in the life of a women, yet has been reduced to a simple slip up or accident, and shockingly, become something to be ashamed of in certain circles.

I also want to see our men given their roles back. That men were built genetically to solve problems, to create solutions, to work together in groups for the common good and to be physically challenged, has been all but forgotten in a crazy world where women want men to be thoughtful, understanding, sensitive, communicative, hard workers, good earners, brilliant in bed, and take on their fair share of the childcare.


Hey – don’t get me wrong, my partner is all of the above, but I don’t think it’s a healthy thing to renegotiate inherent requirements without prior consultation. I feel like someone came along whilst we were sleeping and sneakily changed the job description, then when we turned up the next day we got slapped with an Official Warning because we had failed to come up to standard.

Ever felt that way? You are not alone.

I am gathering a tribe of like minded souls around me, both online and locally; including Bloggers, Political Activists, Parents, Artists, Writers, Educators, Healers and Coaches, to create a place where we can speak freely, support one another and begin to create a world we truly want to live in.


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