Just another blog Post?

I am following Grant Andrew of The Shining Biz and Life Academy as he leads us through building our first website in WordPress. I know a little, having run my own blog here: Roberta Lee Smart but as I am following a tutorial I thought I would take the time to give the Academy a shout out and share the love. 

I have been following Leonie Dawson for about ten years now and cannot say enough good things about the incredible goddess that she is; and now she has A TEAM! Like, actual people who do shit for her and help us all and offer guidance and advice ( and give us a loving tap on the wrist when we post our Blog posts in the wrong place on FB forums – Thanks Erin) but, you know – it’s incredible how much there is to learn, and now you have NO EXCUSE because somebody is holding your hand, every step of the way.

SO if you are thinking of starting your own business; dreaming of making your living by following your passions or simply want to learn how to turn ‘What You DO’ into a game-changing operation that not only serves the world but gives you all the abundance you could dream of – then you could do no better than to check in with Leonie and the Academy and see what they have to offer. Because, what haven’t they got? Seriously – go look for yourself, it’s OK I’ll wait here until you come back.