It’s Tapping Time Again

It is the launch of the 8th Annual Tapping World Summit, held by Joe and Jessica Ortner of The Tapping Solution.

Today I listened to the first Workshop from yesterday:

Manifesting Your Greatest Self: Using Tapping to Bring Out The Greatness Within You


As I sat listening and tapping I realised just how much habitual Stress and Tension I have been harbouring in my body for years.

Not that this comes a surprise, exactly, I always knew I was stressed and unwell, but somehow, I never really understood the part I played in both creating and maintaining it for so long.


I have been Telling My Story for so long and Living the life of a Victim for so long – all while working to help others get over their own blocks and create better lives. Somehow, I had not managed to connect the dots in a way that would actually HELP MYSELF.

My partner of nearly 20 years had been telling me ‘You’re too hard on yourself,’ and I have been staring at him in a confused state. What ever did he mean? In what way was I ‘Hard on myself?’ Surely everyone keeps themselves on their toes by remembering all the bad shit they have ever done (or believe they have done) don’t they?


I was raised to serve penance. If you are sorry you better damn well show that you’re sorry. A kind of latent, Hair-Shirt-Wearing kind of penance, that only they (the wounded, the offended) can release you from.

In my world (Britain in the 70’s) it was taboo to ‘Love Yourself’, and pretty weird to even like yourself, if I’m honest.


I remember doing a drawing at home and taking it into school, showing it to friends who immediately said ‘Oh That’s Good!’ yet when I responded, ‘Yes, It is isn’t it?’ I was immediately harangued with “Oh My God You LOVE yourself SO MUCH! You Can’t say THAT!”

Confused, hurt and offended I slunk away, remembering another occaision where I was receiving some low-level bullying and the girl shouted across the road ‘IF you want to keep your pretty face…’ to which her friends instantly responded, mockingly, ‘Pretty? Hardly!’


From that day forward I was convinced I was ugly and unlovable. An odd belief not even shaken by my later success in attracting Great Guys, in fact, still to this day I am prone to suspicion of compliments and believe that any ‘flirtation’ will be ‘A Joke’, resulting in my being quite defensive and offish.


So back to today – now I’ve just realised that I am still holding that old belief, somewhere deep inside, I now have a great subject with which to study the effects of Tapping for myself.

Using this particular pain, this block, this old unhelpful belief, I will embark on a committed pattern of daily tapping for 15-20 minutes a day, looking to release this fear and doubt, and allow me to truly (No Faking) love myself and accept the love of others.



Be The Change

I hope you check out The Tapping Solution and I would love to hear how you get on.

Have you used EFT before? Is this your first time? When do you use it and how effective have you found it?

If we work together, sharing these ‘Best Practice’ techniques, and support each other as we grow and change, we WILL see a new world evolving. For as we all know, we cannot change a world without first changing ourselves. Be The Change You Want To See In The World