It’s all about priorities


Well, so much has changed since I last wrote. Many of you will know that the one thing I have struggled with most is FOCUS. Trying to establish exactly what I wanted to do first, what really mattered and, more importantly, WHY?

Everything changed last Wednesday, when, as I was in a meeting to join the Board of my Housing Association, my partner was doing a bit of shipping before picking me up. As we drove home it became increasingly obvious that something was badly wrong. Whilst telling me about a chap he’d seen, parking in the disabled bay outside ALDI – he couldn’t get to the point of the story! He repeated the same section of the story again and again but totally failed to find the end of the story.

We drove home – yes he was driving – and it became apparent to me that he was having a stroke. Cue – visit to A&E for blood tests and a CT Scan before transferring to Gloucester to the Stroke Unit. To cut a long story short – it was indeed a stroke and affected his ability to speak and also his short term memory.

We have also learned that he is borderline for diabetes, and suffering with STRESS – which possibly caused the stoke in the first place. There is not enough room to adequately express the amount of STRESS that we have endured as a family – including but not limited to: DWP Applications for Incapacity Benefit/ ESA/DLA/PiPS over the last few years; Losing two family members within 6 months, my mental health, raising kids on a low income, trying to become self employed and coping with physical pain on a daily basis.

I have, of course, gone directly to my bookshelf and unearthed my secret stash of advice and support. My first stop was Charlotte Watts book The De-Stress Effect.

(I was fortunate enough to meet Charlotte at a local holistic centre and buy her book – now I know why!

It has now officially become my bible. Featuring advice and information regarding Diet, Exercising, Mindfulness and Self Care – I am, at last, practicing what I preach.

We are now prioritising our diet, our rest and our excercise.

For so long I have been advocating this sense of self care yet in reality failed to execute it. But all of that is over. The Final Straw has been set down and now we have the biggest WHY it’s possible to have: Physical Health.

We are now looking at Meal Planning; regular meditation practice, daily gentle exercise, and nutritional supplements as the mainstay of our life. (I also re-launched my Aloe Vera HEalth and Wellness Business last week and am getting evdryone on the Gel ASAP!)

For so long I have been offering support and guidance to others whilst neglecting my own and my family’s well-being and it is time to STOP! I am honouring myself and my journey, my family’s well-being and future and as we progress and discover what really works for us (including two Veg-Phobics, a man with physical pain, and two teenagers) and let that be my message.

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