cropped-736713_4314524306641_1323661388_o-1.jpgI’m joining in with a WordPress course called Blogging 101. Why? Well, because you’re never too old to learn something, right?I may know how to create interesting sentences, I can wax lyrical and interpret other peoples ideas with beautiful words, but does that make me a Pro Blogger? Oh no it doesn’t!

Blogging, I realise is a whole technique in communicating and also a great way to activate your own business and create a really involved audience.

So this is Day One of Blogging 101 and I’m here to introduce myself and share my motivations for having this blog at all.

I have been writing since I was a child and really wanted to create an active practice rather than the ad-hoc scribblings I was prone to.

So far, I don’t seem to have actually ‘nailed down’ a good writing practice, but at least I haven’t given up completely – so a little win there I think.

As far as topics I plan to write about – well there are so many that I hardly know where to start.

I am curious about so many things and the easiest way to tell you is to provide a Bullet Pointed List. So here goes:

  • img_20151122_100937.jpgFemininity. how we can bring The Feminine Principle into our daily lives, including living more rhythmically, more in the potentiality of what could be and less thrusting and determined as the masculine would have us do. (I believe we need a new work ethic and approach to life that does NOT focus on simply making  profit and instead encompasses the skills and talents of everyone as a valued part of the whole.
  • Goddess Mythology and Practice: Embracing the Divine Feminine. This includes research, learning,sharing and promoting those incredible women I come across who are all about this work.
  • Mental Health. Self Care, best practice, advocacy and positive representation for all. As someone who lives with depression and anxiety I am always on the lookout for the Best ways we can take care of ourselves and each other.
  • Nature: Mother Nature, Gaia, The Goddess, and the spiritual reflection of creation through the wonders of nature.  Their healing properties, essences, (Bach flowers, bush flowers etc.) the joy
  • Nature: My natural world: Tree10401865_374722556016339_5152504253501555889_ns, plants, flowers. Walking in nature, exploring the landscape, discovering history all around us. I am a total Tree-Fan even if I’m not an expert identifier. Proof, if any were needed that you do NOT have to be an expert to be passionate about something.
  • Magic. In all its forms: From kitchen Witchery (Seriously what else is turning flour, egg, butter and sugar into a yummy sponge cake, if not magic, eh?) Healing arts, bodywork, manifestation, visualisation, intention and reward, mindfulness and spotting the signs. This is probably my favourite topic as it truly embraces all the others.
  • Helping. I know this is a wide topic but I really am motivated to help others, to be useful and worthy and feel like I make a difference. (Some of you are immediately screaming ‘Low Self Worth’ at your screen reading this, and I cannot argue. My little sense of self – my inner child that knows no better – really likes to be useful and earn her place in the world. *we are working on this together.)
  • Self Development. Obviously, following that last point, I am 20 years on the road of Self Development and will always want to share new insights, techniques and discoveries. AS well as remind you all of the old classics and maybe revi20160101_170828ew how far we’ve come on the journey.
  •  Oracle Reading, Tarot Reading, Runes and the mystical arts. I offer guided readings to clients both face to face and online and it is the core practice of my business at present.
  • Empath Stuff: I’m an Intuitive Empath or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and can use my unique skill set to ‘connect’ with others, feel their feels and guide them to the best way of handling their situation. I am a Soul Healer and Intuitive Life Guide, and whether we are walking together in the woods, sitting talking over a cup of tea or Skyping across the globe, I am a Trusted Resource and want only to help you feel wonderful and live the life you truly desire.
  • Parenting: Another aspect of  my life that has developed over the years, my life as a parent. With two teens under my belt (Son nearly 18 and daughter 15) I have years of tried and tested parenting efforts under my belt as well as a vault full of horror stories that would make your eyes curl! (ouch!)
  • Music, Theatre, Dance, Performance – I’m getting back into theatre work thanks to a chance meeting and will enjoy sharing my discoveries and theatrical adventures with you as the months progress.
  • Art: I love art and creating images – I adore other peoples art and will gladly share links t11902247_10205488763643818_1187985787025700141_no others blogs and sites so you too can enjoy the gifts that my lovely tribe share with the world. I might even share one or two of my own pieces: again I’m not Pro, but that doesn’t stop me from having a go.
  • Kids: Children, youths, young people – call them what you will – I have a passion to see the world become a better place for them to live in, including changing the remit in education, supporting families from Day One so that no child grows up neglected or abused. (This almost links into my interest in Feminine Practice way back at the top of this list – if we valued WOMEN more, and valued MOTHERS especially, rather than negating them and minimising their part in society, then we may see an improvement in the standards of child raising, family sustenance and the prospects of those children in their future lives. Dare I even say, affecting the Crime Rate and Prison Population too


So, no clear direction as such, simply a collection of what I like, what I want to shout about and what I hope you will enjoy – in no particular order. 

I’m really glad I’ve written this actually as lately, since launching my WordPress website I’ve been worrying more about ‘building a business’ and less about writing what I love. This has been a great grounding experience and one I shall return to regularly – to check-in with myself, if you will,