How can 7 words coaching help you in your business?


I am often asked, how does this 7 words thing work? And as a coach, how do you use it to help clients?

Let’s find out shall we? As a way of you getting clear on who you are and  what you want  (on eof the most common questions I am faced with)I have drafted a set of Writing Prompts using my Signature 7 Words System so that we can  really get to grips with where you are and where you want to go. Ready?

If you have any images, pictures, memes etc you want to share to illustrate your vibe and approach, please feel free to share your comments or thoughts in our group on Facebook. Let’s use the tools at our disposal.

I have added a little ‘Case Study’ within each section to model the way others have answerd this questionnaire – I hope it helps, I know how daunting questions on a blank sheet can be. Rather than simply answering questions I urge you to take out your journal and really sink into these prompts, allowing the truth of who you are and what you really want to surface.


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 Establishing Your Identity (NO)


Who are you?

Where do you come from (your lineage of training or a little back-story)

What brought you HERE? Personally and professionally

What was Your Calling into this work?

What makes your heart sing?

What is the Biggest Truth you share through your work?

I am Leslie Harvey, I am an energy healer who came to my work through the healing work of Bill Thompson. AFter recieving incredible healing from Bill i trained with him and now offer a variety of energy work including hands on healing, distance healing and more recently healing art for sale through my etsy shop.

I am a huge fan of Ronnie BIccard’s art and love nothing more than meditating and channelling the beauty of nature and spirit into new works of art. 

My biggest TRUTH is that we are all made of love and our only job is to share that love in the world inour own unique way.


Communicating your Offerings (HELLO)


  • Attracting Clients:
  • Where do you find your BEST clients?
  • In the Real World?
  • Online? Groups?
  • Places and spaces?
  • What is the No1 Question you are asked by clients?
  • Do you recognise Any recurring themes in the needs of your clients?
  • What is the most avoided issue in your clients (the one you spot but they can’t see? This is where the juice is)

Since beginning my work with clients I find them through facebook groups and also at local spiritual and healing events. I am an active member of a local healing circle and regularly hold online webinars to offer group healings for free. I hand out my beautiful business cards – featuring my own artwork – whenever i meet new people – often in coffee shops or at yoga classes, even when I’m walking my dog, it’s a lovely way to meet new people without any pressure to ‘sign them up’.

Most people reach out to me in times of emotional crisis – when they feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. I can then offer them a series of healings to bring them back to their core strength and inner wisdom, usually 6 weeks is about right to feel back on form, then they ask me ‘Whats next?’ as they don’t want to stop seeing me – I make them feel that good!

The most avoided issue is the one involving personal relationships that need to change: marriage problems, boundaries with older children, or old family patterns that need releasing. No-one really wants to go there and I have to do a lot of inner release work withthem to enable them to make those difficult decisons – my work is great at getting people past indecision and into focus!


Who is your Dream Client (THANKS)


Imagine your ideal client, can you describe them in detail. (gender/age/interests/issues/values/stresses/responsibilities/dreams


  • What do you most appreciate about them?
  • What Core Values to you share with your clients?
  • Where/how do feel you want to go the extra mile?
  • What does The Art of Giving and The Bliss of Receiving look like in your business?
  • What is the Heart Essence of your business? (breathe deep into this one and see what comes up)

My ideal client is Claire. She is open to learning yet aware of what needs to change. she is not new to self development work, having tried many modalities before, but she is sensitive and resonates with my work. we share a core value of honesty and integrity – Claire speaks her mind and does not censor herself to keep me happy – which keeps me on my toes…this work is hard work, not all rainbows and fluffiness, it’s not for the feint hearted.

I go the extra mile for those clients I can see are really making an effort to work on themselves, often sharing meditations with them rather than publicly, or taking time to ensure they are really clear on something they found challenging – after all it’s not about time, as much as results.

TO me the art of giving is inmy real desire to share what i know with anyone and everyone, wheras the bliss of recieving means i have learned to set boundaries around my work, charge what i am worth and encourage others to do the same. my self-care is amodel to my clients on best practice and the best ways to achieve success. If this is out of balance, we all lose.

The Heart Essence of my business is to learn all that i can and share that knowledge widely, without  causing pain or loss to myself, and to encourage others to do the same. Whether I am studying, healing, painting or dancing, parenting or exploring, this Heart Essence is within me and leading me forever forward.

What are you willing to say Goodbye to/ Let Go Of/Release if necessary? (GOODBYE)


  • On your journey to this point what have you needed to walk away from, let go and release (fears, old connections, out-dated beliefs) in order to reach your full potential?
  • What do you ask your clients to release and let go of, in order to heal and find their strongest selves. (Although not appearing in your copy it’s good to know and understand)
  • What would signify a ‘bad fit’ with a client? Are you clear about who would not be a good client for you, and be prepared to let them walk away?
  • What boundaries can you declare around your work, rules to follow to be able to work with you, that will protect both you and your clients?

OK, this is tough, but…to get wher I am I had to turn my back on the traditional ‘good girl’ image I was raised to fit. I rejected orthodox religion and embraced Spirituality onmy own terms, but sadly have also distanced myself from my family of origin. IT took a long time to feel ‘ok’ abou tthat, but it no longer hurts as much as it did. 

For my clients I ask them to consider releasing suspicion and doubt and allow their own experience to lead them – if they do not resonate with my work then they decide for themselves, rather than allowing the opinions of others and the media to influence their healing journey. This is easier for some than for others. 

A poor-fit client is one who cancels regularly or who avoids paying me on time as agreed. Also those clients who are always asking questions but never taking action – those questions are resistance rather than exploration and after a while it is clear no progress is being made as they cannot fulfil their own needs and commit to healing. In those cases I lovingly release them from my cient list and (usually) send them a final email poem of love and blessing to tie up the energetic loose ends and ensure they do not feel rejected, by me or themselves.

My rules are simple: stick to our agreed schedule. Pay promptly on schedule OR keep me informed ahead of time of any struggles (I know life happens). Most importantly ‘Do The Work’ because I can only do so much, the rest is up to you. I ask all my clients to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their own outcomes therefore feeling proud and self reliant at the end of our sessions together – rather than feeling addicted to me and my treatments – this is very important.

The Vision Statement/ Your Highest Intention for your business (PLEASE)

(When you offer your services you declare your intentions for the future and ask clients to join with you on a mutual journey/ conversely they have intentions and visions and ask YOU to walk with them on their journey?  Clarity here keeps the message clear and focussed.)

  • What direction are you heading in? (Money goals/ services/ No. Of clients etc)
  • What feelings and values keep you on course, and always heading in the right direction? (even when practical goals are out of reach we can use our heart to guide us – if it feels good – it’s the right thing to do)
  • How do you ‘get back on course’ if you become distracted? (How best do you pick yourself up after a fall/ a disappointment/ rejection etc)
  • What is your daily prayer in your business > Where does the divine make itself felt?

(You may like to find an image/colours/ music/poem to represent this for you. A gift for yourself as well as a shared message from your heart to the world)

In my business I have gone through ‘starting-up’ and am now in the ‘establishing’ phase; My money goal is £40K for the next financial year, whilst working no more than 30 hours a week – this means moving on from 1-2-1 clients and sharing my healing work with groups and begining to offer Talks and Workshops across the year. I am looking to offer more sessions via skype so that I can widen my client base – having had enquiries from Netherlands and New Zealand recently. This mneans learning more about technology and/or hiring an assistant to help me.

If I ever ‘fall off the wagon’ I generally look to nature and journalling to regain my focus. I go walking with my dog, do some sketching or take photographs, create some multimedia art pieces and get really messy – oh and hang out with some under 5’s, they really know how to ground you and reconnect with what’s truly important!

My daily prayer in business is the serenitiy prayer: ‘Grant me the SERENITY to accept that which I cannot change, The COURAGE to change that which I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference.”

Saying Sorry:   What do you do when things go wrong? (SORRY)


  • hings don’t go to plan: what systems do you have in place for customer after care: Guarantees/ Complaints procedure? /Reparation methods.
  • Where do YOUR responsibility end and the clients begin?
  • What is YOURS to fix/mend and what belongs to the client solely?
  • How do you stay centred in a crisis? Remaining confident and trusting in your process.

I offer strict no refund policy – with a system of replacing missed sessions if any sessions are cancelled by either party. I am available by email for questions or concerns and always ask for up to 48 hours to respond (I never take that long, but like to be covered , just in case). My responsibility is being prepared, trained, balanced and safe, the client must be willing, open and receptive, committed and balanced – and honest about any issues which may affect our work (ie drugs, alcohol, mental health, illness, stress or trauma)

I remain centred by utilising my own support network of mastermind buddies, healers, my own coach/teacher and the power of my own healing techniques – of course! But my first point of call is always BREATHE! The Breath is instant, free and almost magically powerful!!

Getting a Yes.  Reaching the goal (YES)


  • What does SUCCESS mean to you? What does it look like? Feel like?
  • What does SUCCESS look like to your clients? How do you know when you are finished?
  • In your business, how do you gauge success? (N° of clients? Turnover? Profit? Clients leaving happy? Repeat clients?)

When I was training I asked my teacher “What does a succesful Practice look like? Is it clients who are healed and leave me, or clients who never recover and keep paying?” and he simply replied ‘Your Success is whatever makes your heart sing, and your CLIENT’S success is reaching the goal they walked in with’

So I define my own success, which is reaching my income goals, allowing me the freedom to live my life and not feel restricted, and this in turn makes me more demanding of my clients in getting clear on what their success looks like to them – this way we all win! 

Well, I hope that got your juices flowing and your brains working.  Feel free to add anything else you want to and the next step will be to pin down exactly what you want from me.

All the best



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