Hidden Pathways Intuitive Guidance Special Offer

Spring Equinox ‘Subtle Balance’ Reading


As we near my favourite time of year, The Spring Equinox, a time when the Suns Light is shared equally across both hemispheres and we all feel the warm touch of the sun’s light; we can all feel ourselves emerging from the cocoon of darkness which held us during Winter, as we travel mindfully upward, like new growth emerging from tiny seeds, pushing forward toward the light.


I have been asked to share my very special Spring Equinox Balance Readings by so many of my clients, who love them and return year after year to access the wisdom of the Turning year.
Incorporating a perfect blend of Intuitive Guidance, Tarot and Oracle cards,  peppered with Ancient Runic Wisdom as needed, these readings are both deep and transformative.
If you are struggling to step out of the darkness, and are filled with fear or anticipation at what lies ahead;
if you are feeling out of balance energetically, swinging wildly from High to Low with moods to match:
If you are just starting out on a new path and seek a little illumination and support on that journey:
If you are carving out a brand-new, never before trod path and facing obstacles and objections:


Priced at Only £30 until the end of March. Paypal invoice sent upon request.