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This two hour workshop concentrates of the ways of the herd, allowing you to observe structure, body language, boundaries, relationships and energy shared between the horses who live together in this familial group.

After observations you will have the opportunity to put your findings into practice, first with each other before moving on to work with the horses themselves: can you communicate silently yet effectively? You will amazed at the innate powers you possess but were hitherto unaware of.

To embrace Easter we shall circle and share a short meditation in honour of the changing season and the return of the warmth to our northern lands. Please feel free to bring along any Spring Offerings you would like to gift to the group meditation: flowers, seeds, greenery, to bring joy and a sense of celebration to our gathering.         (There may even be Easter Eggs to find – if The Goddess Eostre Blesses us with her Abundance!)

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This workshop is perfect for anyone over 12 so horse mad girls are most welcome!

Priced at Only £30 per head to include hot drinks upon arrival.

    We recommend wearing layers and outdoor shoes as the to keep us snug whatever the weather and ground conditions.
Please Bring a lunch to share and an open mind.


[easy_payment currency=”GBP” align=”center” border=”2″ amount=”30″]

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us using the form below.