Do you celebrate enough?

I know it’s Thanksgiving season for those in the US and Christmas is almost upon us, so one might think that a rather odd title. I am not thinking about default celebrations, like birthdays or anniversaries, so often they are more of a burden and an obligation than anything else. No, I am thinking whether we take the time to actually recognise how far we have come; to notice what we have achieved and to share our sense of pride and accomplishment with others?

I recently completed a project of which I am both inordinately proud and almost indifferent to, simultaneously. I want to explore this not entirely unusual, phemonenom.

Over the last few years I have conceived of a way to spread my message, help others and be of service; by incorporating my signature system ‘The 7 Words’ into an Oracle Deck.

I began drafting out ideas, sketching 35 designs onto paper. Then after a long gap of inactivity (many creatives do this, you know, we don’t go start to finish in a straight line) I then began recreating each image as an original art piece.

Then came the scanning into my pc. Followed by the tech bit – using a programme to create a card layout with borders, edging, text etc.

After a complimentary coaching session with Wanda Bailey she offered her help me get my cards print ready.

Eventually I was ready to upload to a print service. And now I hold two template decks in my hands.

Now I have the finished designs on file and a few Pre Orders are already in.

Yay! I’ve done it! Just a few more pre orders and I press GO on a print run of 50 units.

So why the questions? Why the doubts? Why the low-level apathy before I’ve even completed?

So why am I not swinging from the rafters filled with artistic glee? I suspect it’s the fear of commitment, of actually following through and delivering on my promise. There is a part of me that does not believe I can or will; a part that is terrified of being right!

Reality Check: I have so much support. My Tribe are great and are promoting me and sending orders.

I guess it’s that scary ‘make or break’ point. Have you ever felt that way about your Art or creative exploits?

So what’s all the fuss about? May I present to you the Hidden Pathways Oracle Cards. My very first creative baby released into the world. One I love dearly and cannot wait to place into your hands.

If you enjoy Oracle Cards, are a fan of self development, life long learning and the power of language you will love these cards.

Taking Trees as a theme, each card features an inspiring and thought provoking image together with a keyword to stimulate questioning, self exploration and offering the chance to realise the Truth of where you are and what is really going in for you.

I asked members of my Hidden Pathways Oracle circle for feedback on their experience with my cards and my readings.

Here are some quotes for you:

The Hidden Pathways Oracle Cards have such beautiful, soft art. The colors are rich and the borders enhance the images. The card messages themselves offer you an opportunity to go deep, to listen to what the card is saying, and to receive the message you need, at that moment.

I am actually finding that I really like these non-picture cards, while I wasn’t as drawn to them at first. But they feel a bit like a stop sign, like something important that needs you to really stop and pay attention, and sort of break up where you are at and look with fresh eyes. J.B.

The Hidden Pathways Oracle Cards are a delight to even newbies like myself. Looking at the vivid details and imagery allows you to get the message you are meant to receive everytime. I love the cards because they have a simple yet stylish demeanor to them that helps you to enjoy the adventure that awaits with every card. Thanks Roberta Smart for such an creative way to receive daily messages! N.O.

The Hidden Oracle Pathway Cards have been designed with great thought..insights…good intentions and love Roberta Smart is very intuitive and will give you a spot on reading every single time!!! She is also generous and humorous which makes her readings all the more interesting…like a fun adventure…spend some time with her to get some important personal information…enjoy the journey!!!! Much love to all! C.S.

You can order your own deck, delivered in time for Christmas here: Buy Now and enjoy free membership of the Oracle Circle Facebook Group where we have daily guidance and you have first options for free readings as well as direct access to my Other Services.

Have a great Thanksgiving and a Happy Christmas and enjoy your dive into The World of Woo.