Diamonds in the Dust Courses

Discover the Art of Self -Discovery through the weaving of words and the re-writing of stories and uncover the hidden Diamonds in the Dust that your life has gifted you. 

We live in a fast-paced chaotic world where everything is judged, weighed and measured against some impossible standard that we mortals cannot ever hope to achieve.

We are also massively over stimulated and in constant connection with others – meaning the possibility of misunderstandings and overwhelm are at an all- time high.

By exploring our own back story and understanding the TRUTH of what we lived through – good or bad – and by re-writing our story to redefine who we are today we can heal old wounds, take back our Personal Power and reveal our hitherto hidden secret Identity. 

I believe everybody has a SUPERPOWER unique to them and only visible when they are in the company of those who share similar stories or hold similar values. Until we find ourselves and our tribes, our greatest possession – our innate super power will lie dormant and undiscovered, possibly in plain sight, being the part of us that we hate the most.

My work is to guide you through the myriad of pathways and alleyways that led you to this moment; to embrace the dreams and visions you had along the way and to acknowledge the pain of loss when circumstances prevented you from following those dreams.

Together we will uncover your TRUTH and reveal the gift that lies within it, for you are an expert on your own life experience; no-one knows it quite like you do and in that way you are incredible. 

Why spend your time feeling constrained and limited by what went before when you could be embracing the shining possibilities that your personal journey has offered you?

From the words you use to the clothes you wear, the people you connect with to the hobbies you enjoy – I will use my SUPERPOWER to reveal yours, and help you plan a future that will bring you happiness, self-worth, incredible value and all your heart could dream of.

‘Work With Me’

Diamonds in the Dust© Programs offer online courses, as well as  group workshops, and 121 retreats for committed individuals who are fed up living a regular life and are ready to get extraordinary!

There is no end to what you can be if you are willing to follow the road to the end – remember, the journey is the best part of any adventure. The destination? Well, that’s always up to you to create as you desire…so tell me, where are you going today?

From January 2018 I will be offering the following courses:


Diamonds in the Dust: An Introduction to your Inner World.

Before you can create any change in your life you need to understand clearly where you are right now and why. How did you get here? What path did you follow before and what needs to change. Self awareness is paramount if you are to effect change in lifestyle, income, relationships or business success.

An 8 week guided exploration of the 7 words and the way you communicate with yourself and the world around you. The connection between your chakras (energy centres) and your personal power and ways in which you may be blocked, limited or otherwise unfulfilled in certain areas and, most importantly, what to do about it!

  • Across the 8 weeks you are introduced to the topic and history of 7 words.
  • You will receive video tutorials and audio meditations to help shift your energy.
  • Worksheets are provided to encourage you to follow a path of personal exploration
  • Unique interpretations of colour, number and the energy of words is presented for you to follow and build upon.
  • A Private Facebook Group to connect with past and present students, discuss findings and offer peer support during learning.


Beyond The Diamond Mine

You must complete the Level One e-course in order to access this Intensive Mastery Course. Once completed you are invited to apply for the Intensive where you must demonstrate your understanding of the system before progressing onto the Mastery Level.

An Intensive 7 month course to offer you practical tools, applied knowledge and mastery techniques to apply to specific areas of your life in order to reach your goals and up-level your personal experience. This 7 month features a Clarity Call to set your outcomes and timelines, and a conversation about your personal learning style. Everyone learns differently and I want to ensure you are following the best programme for you.

  • During Orientation you will establish your objectives, choose your direction and set a course for success.
  • Each month  you will study one of the 7 Words in detail, breaking each module down into 4 weekly modules following the 35 Keywords, their vibrations, challenges, opportunities and gifts. The aim is to build on the introductory aspects you undertook in level one and enable you to embrace the fullest mind, body and spiritual aspects that this incredible system has to offer.
  • You will benefit from a weekly group coaching call and monthly one to one calls throughout your course.
  • The materials including Video Coaching, Audio Meditations and Worksheets are comprehensive and demanding. You are expected to honour your own commitments and step up to challenges your personal goals present.
  • This is a highly practical, applied course which will ask you to apply what you are learning regularly, journal results and make amendments as you go along. It is experiential and will take you from ‘knowledge’ ‘wisdom.’


*I am planning to hold at least 2 Retreats here in the Cotswold during 2018. One gathering will be held at The Retreat, an off- grid camping site set in rural  Gloucestershire. With the opportunity to get away from it all, we can gather around the campfire, share stories, create some 7 Words Theatre, Explore our Deepest Selves and Luxuriate in the love of Sisterhood Circle. The gathering will be mindful, peaceful, fun and enlightening. Potential Features include Creative Writing, Art Circle, Country Walks. All amenities are offered as you would expect from an off-grid experience (i.e. compost loo, no wi-fi, camp-cooking etc)

*If demand dictates I will hold a second Retreat at a beautiful location with full room and board and all mod cons (I know we are not all camping lovers) We will circle, learn together, share and grow in a beautiful setting, cementing bonds within our wonderful sisterhood and enjoy a heightened sense of healing and growing in this intense yet beautiful gathering.

*If you would like me to bring a retreat to Your Location for your local participants, please enquire and I will do all I can to accommodate you.

To learn more about what the 7 words is all about checkout my Blog Post  HERE and   Sign up HERE to find our more and keep up to date with courses and new developments.


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