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He asked me this question…and left me speechless!

We had an electrician visit the house today – carrying out a full check of all my electric systems, wiring, circuits etc, which I am extremely grateful for. It is lovely to have a brilliant local council as our landlords, (big shout out to Cheltenham Borough Homes). Whilst he was with us – for about two hours, he observed us quietly. A Romanian gentleman, he informed me over a cup of tea that he had come to the UK ten years ago, and had been working with agencies until last November when he was contracted to CBH, and he travelled from Bristol to Cheltenham each day to do this job. Today he was doing thorough safety checks which will last for five years and a good job he did too. The reason I am writing is because of one curious question he asked me, which left me speechless but full of gratitude.…
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The Art of Focusing

On Saturday 13th February 2016 I attended a workshop to discover more about the Art of Focusing and was intrigued by such a seemingly simple approach to mindfulness. The workshop was entitled Radical Self Acceptance – rather than Learn Focussing which was genius – it immediately offered a solution that we could grasp rather than simply telling us about a new technique, because, really , who needs any more?     So six of us gathered in the warm and welcoming space that is The Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham, the Heart of the Cotswolds. We were greeted by Manjudeva of, a lovely gentle soul of Buddhist persuasion and together we embarked on a journey of discovery. Focusing, it was revealed, is the art of truly connecting with oneself in order to achieve a better relationship with the self. I doubt there is anyone alive that cannot admit to holding the following…
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I’m joining in with a WordPress course called Blogging 101. Why? Well, because you’re never too old to learn something, right?I may know how to create interesting sentences, I can wax lyrical and interpret other peoples ideas with beautiful words, but does that make me a Pro Blogger? Oh no it doesn’t! Blogging, I realise is a whole technique in communicating and also a great way to activate your own business and create a really involved audience. So this is Day One of Blogging 101 and I’m here to introduce myself and share my motivations for having this blog at all. I have been writing since I was a child and really wanted to create an active practice rather than the ad-hoc scribblings I was prone to. So far, I don’t seem to have actually ‘nailed down’ a good writing practice, but at least I haven’t given up completely –…
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Just another day?

You know how it is….you wake up feeling out of sorts, grab a coffee instead of breakfast (Seriously, when was the last time you actually ate breakfast?) You mutter mutinously under your breath and head out the de-ice the car before entering the ultimate misnomer which is Rush Hour.  Once you arrive at work you are probably doing the work of at least three people, with no signs of any help forthcoming and your parents are hinting that they would quite like to pay you a visit.  Cue Stress!

Homeschoolers: A danger to society?

Today saw another bout of media hysteria with the coroners report being released regarding the death of eight year old Dylan Seabridge,  allegedly of scurvy (lack of vitamin C) When any child dies it is, of course, a tragedy and questions must be asked, but I do wonder as to the validity of placing Home-schooling as the villain of the piece. As the law states that ‘A parent must cause (a child) to receive efficient full time education suitable to his needs’  it has never been mandatory for a child to attend school – rather it has become a ‘social norm’ and as such any variance from such norms will be viewed with suspicion. Such was the case today on Radio when Vanessa Feltz – covering for Jeremy Vine –  chose to lampoon a guest; an experienced home schooler, who dared to offer a common sense argument into the mix of…
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No woman is an island

We are all hurting right now after the horrific events of the weekend. Women the whole world over are coming together in solidarity and connection – calling out to each other across the miles, ‘Sister you are not alone. Sister I see you. Sister I love you’ I am, as always called to find the highest message in my life’s experience and am currently experiencing pain on an ongoing scale – the likes of which I have not felt for many years. I find myself asking ‘Why?’ And then for illumination into my learning and my journey. As a professional Pathfinder I can only surmise that I am learning to live in and with pain and limitation, in order to better lead others who follow this path. I have lived with a partner with chronic pain for nearly 20 years and thought I had it down – evidently I have much more to…
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Just another blog Post?

I am following Grant Andrew of The Shining Biz and Life Academy as he leads us through building our first website in WordPress. I know a little, having run my own blog here: Roberta Lee Smart but as I am following a tutorial I thought I would take the time to give the Academy a shout out and share the love.  I have been following Leonie Dawson for about ten years now and cannot say enough good things about the incredible goddess that she is; and now she has A TEAM! Like, actual people who do shit for her and help us all and offer guidance and advice ( and give us a loving tap on the wrist when we post our Blog posts in the wrong place on FB forums – Thanks Erin) but, you know – it’s incredible how much there is to learn, and now you have NO EXCUSE…
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My Soul -Garden is open for business

Please consider this little corner of the interwebs to be a haven of peace and tranquillity: A garden of the Soul; where we can plant seeds of ideas, tend our first shoots of tentative explorations and cultivate our grand plans for our world.  As you wander around you will find a veritable arboretum of inspiration and manifestation.You will find secret circles in which to gather; you will find crystal -clear pools of self reflection and, of course, a myriad of Tree People to guide you on your journey Here we will both follow well-established paths of those who have gone before us; learning from their experiences and gaining courage and wisdom as we go, as well as venturing off the beaten track, wading through the long grass, carving virgin paths to new discoveries. Oh, the possibilities!   I hope to share my passions of Lifelong Learning, Creativity and Sisterhood within the…
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