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Do you celebrate enough?

I know it’s Thanksgiving season for those in the US and Christmas is almost upon us, so one might think that a rather odd title. I am not thinking about default celebrations, like birthdays or anniversaries, so often they are more of a burden and an obligation than anything else. No, I am thinking whether we take the time to actually recognise how far we have come; to notice what we have achieved and to share our sense of pride and accomplishment with others? I recently completed a project of which I am both inordinately proud and almost indifferent to, simultaneously. I want to explore this not entirely unusual, phemonenom. Over the last few years I have conceived of a way to spread my message, help others and be of service; by incorporating my signature system ‘The 7 Words’ into an Oracle Deck. I began drafting out ideas, sketching 35…
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

The Myth of the Mountain (a fable)

After years of silence I have decided to open up about my life. I am writing this for me, not for you and for one reason only: because I was told not to.  I really don’t know how it took so long to see it for what it was, the emotional abuse which was my upbringing, but that’s the thing about abuse, you don’t know it’s going on until you can really step away from it and see it clearly. Like when you live in a city, and you walk around in dirty air every day, coughing and spluttering, living with repeated chest infections, low level asthma and skin irritations but you think nothing of it because, well, everyone gets that, and after all, you’re nothing special, why should you get away with it? I lived a life sad, crying myself to sleep more often than not, and hiding my…
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But I don’t need any help

How often have you looked at the offerings clogging up your email or your FB news feed and thought to yourself,  “But I don’t need any help” Yeah, me too. And it wasn’t until I actually began to allow myself to accept help (the help i thought i didn’t  need,) that things started to shift for me. I have always been a giver – rather than a receiver. I am the first to offer to help you, to carry your bag, to give you a life, to meet you for coffee to talk over your latest disaster, and on the whole I am well rewarded for this behaviour with friendship and a sense of self worth (after all if I am useful then I must be  valued right? So my helping really stemmed from a low self worth and this in turn made it almost impossible for me to ask for help…
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Are you an Empath?

I have been asked a lot recently, ‘How do I know if I am an Empath? Usually by clients who feel overwhelmed by their emotions and are beginning to suspect that maybe, just maybe they are not actually crazy, but possibly super-sensitive to the world around them. It is a common experience and there are certainly more of us around than you would imagine, but in a world determined to bully and dominate us, we often feel lost and invisible. Current world events have left many of us feeling powerless and fearful for the future, but I am here to remind you that now, more than ever, we need what you have to offer. So are YOU an Empath? Do you have a Super Power? Let’s see, shall we? This is a quick guide to recognising your own empathic gifts, if you say yes to five or more you can…
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How can 7 words coaching help you in your business?

  I am often asked, how does this 7 words thing work? And as a coach, how do you use it to help clients? Let’s find out shall we? As a way of you getting clear on who you are and  what you want  (on eof the most common questions I am faced with)I have drafted a set of Writing Prompts using my Signature 7 Words System so that we can  really get to grips with where you are and where you want to go. Ready? If you have any images, pictures, memes etc you want to share to illustrate your vibe and approach, please feel free to share your comments or thoughts in our group on Facebook. Let’s use the tools at our disposal. I have added a little ‘Case Study’ within each section to model the way others have answerd this questionnaire – I hope it helps, I know how daunting questions on…
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Are you missing the obvious?

As a writer I am always writing: from  to-do-lists and things to remember to capturing small snippets of overheard conversations or making  notes to accompany a photograph I have taken. Where most of  my writing is private, for my eyes only, other pieces are for public consumption, to enlighten, illuminate or entertain.  While I continue to write my Parenting and Guardianship column each month for The Local Answer Free Magazine, I have not written much for others for quite a while. until recently. It was my writers group’s (Montpeilier Writers Group or MWG) tenth anniversary and there was to be a party with readings. I could not miss the opportunity to a) catch up with my lovely writing friends, and b) take the chance to read out hich has got to be my favourite part.  Unlike many writers I know, I love performing and grab any opportunity I can to…
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The Communication Coach…in 7 words 

THE COMMUNICATION COACH IN 7 WORDS NO:   BOUNDARIES.   IDENTITY.   CHOICE.   TRUTH         BOUNDARIES: I’m based in Gloucestershire and work with groups and individuals across the globe via SKYPE, email and phone sessions. I work with people like you  – Talented, skilled, but lost in the midst of their own life. Where things are ‘not quite right’ but with the right support and guidance can be INCREDIBLE! IDENTITY: As The Communication Coach – a life coach specialising in communications issues on relationships, working environments, parenting and animal communications. My work also features CREATIVITY: ARTing, writing, dancing and speaking – however you want to expand and find more joy in your life. CHOICE:  I support you in Getting Clear on what you want to choose – and creating priorities. I support you in accessing your inner strength and Inner Wisdom, developing an increased sense of trust in…
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What does your In-Box say about you?

Think about that for a moment. If someone were to access your ‘main email’ what would they find? A perfectly organised  set of quality communications with important contacts – vital to the smooth running of your life and business? Or something resembling ‘that drawer’ in the kitchen – you know – the one you simply chuck everything into because you’ve nowhere else to put it? Is your unopened email numbering over 1000? Over 2000? Does it include all those ‘Lists’ you subscribed to to get those ‘Vital List of ten ways to  build a life and business you LOVE’ alongside ‘Healthy recipes for your Paleo Diet’ and ‘Writing Tips for your next Bestseller’ next to ‘Whats On in your local comedy club’, sandwiched between ‘More About Your Guru (don’t call me a guru) and heaven knows what else? Or is it just me? I have a suspicion that the creatives…
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It’s all about priorities

ALL CHANGE: Well, so much has changed since I last wrote. Many of you will know that the one thing I have struggled with most is FOCUS. Trying to establish exactly what I wanted to do first, what really mattered and, more importantly, WHY? Everything changed last Wednesday, when, as I was in a meeting to join the Board of my Housing Association, my partner was doing a bit of shipping before picking me up. As we drove home it became increasingly obvious that something was badly wrong. Whilst telling me about a chap he’d seen, parking in the disabled bay outside ALDI – he couldn’t get to the point of the story! He repeated the same section of the story again and again but totally failed to find the end of the story. We drove home – yes he was driving – and it became apparent to me that he was having a…
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