Are you an Empath?

I have been asked a lot recently, ‘How do I know if I am an Empath? Usually by clients who feel overwhelmed by their emotions and are beginning to suspect that maybe, just maybe they are not actually crazy, but possibly super-sensitive to the world around them.

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It is a common experience and there are certainly more of us around than you would imagine, but in a world determined to bully and dominate us, we often feel lost and invisible. Current world events have left many of us feeling powerless and fearful for the future, but I am here to remind you that now, more than ever, we need what you have to offer. So are YOU an Empath? Do you have a Super Power? Let’s see, shall we?

This is a quick guide to recognising your own empathic gifts, if you say yes to five or more you can definitely call yourself Empathic, if you say yes to 7 or more you can proudly declare yourself An Empath.

  • You are aware of ‘the feeling’ in the room without anybody actually saying anything.
  • You feel like you can ‘mind-read’ what someone is thinking – and when you ask – you are nearly always right!
  • You can easily put into words what other people struggle to express
  • Others turn to you for comfort, security, support and a listening ear.
  • You find strangers talk to you and quickly tell you ‘their story’
  • You have a strong affinity with nature
  • As a child you were told you had a ‘vivid imagination’
  • As a child you were called ‘over-sensitive’ ‘ delicate’ or  ‘over-emotional’
  • You often find yourself ‘drifting off’ and have a history of ‘blank spots’ in your memory
  • You are prone to ‘magical thinking’and enjoy stories in which the impossible is made possible
  • You often feel ‘the odd one out’ as if you are ‘from another planet’ or suspect you were ‘adopted’ into your family or origin.
  • You experienced trauma and emotional upheaval as a child – via abuse, bullying, neglect or challenging situations beyond your control
  • You have experienced ‘depression,’ ‘anxiety,’ more than your fair share of ‘accidents,’illnesses or health emergencies.
  • You have had a near-death experience


I recall the first time ever heard of an intuitive Empath, watching Chuck Spezzano on TV in the late 90’s and his wife Lency announced herself as an Empath – like it was a thing! Immediately I wanted to know more but it was many years before I declared myself an Empath and took the label to explain not only who I was but also what I do.

Now my Empathic Talents are my USP and my major skill: I offer readings using tools such as Tarot or Oracle Cards – which help the sitter actually ‘see’ what I am telling them, as well as ‘Guided Conversations’ in which I am intuitively guided to share wisdom, observations and insights relevant to the clients conversational lead.

Often this can mean my listening to a client express how she feels about her current position in life and considering her options for the future – this is where my Higher Self will connect with her higher Self to download the best guidance possible, re framing negatives as a positive, perceived limitations as opportunities and fears as guideposts to lead her further on her  journey.

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My favourite part of my work is when I can embrace my inner storyteller and take a clients concerns or worries and create a beautiful story, magical, limitless and full of power, for her to take a way and begin to weave into her daily life. After all, isn’t this why we read stories at all. To live differently, to imagine ourselves in new places, with powers and strengths that are so different to those we live with every day?

If you are a lover of stories, making up tales about unseen worlds and you find yourself deeply drawn to make other people feel better on one way or another, please heed the call and step up to represent the Light Workers and Healers of the Earth.

Even if you are a humongous Cynic who thinks spirituality is a load of codswallop – we still need you to share your loving heart and healing talents in whichever way works for you. And if you are an Empath, you will find yourself called again and again into service in some way or another (my son finds himself ‘witnessing’ things and becoming the ‘responsible bystander’ so often we are beginning to call him The Little Policeman)

I would love to hear your thoughts on Empathy and being an Empath in today’s world. If you want to know more about being an Empath, a healer or a light worker and need direction and support sign up to my   Empathy Email Service  and receive regular updates and information to hold you safe on your new journey