Who am I?

I am a heart – centred Empath, currently embracing the third stage of life – entering my Queen phase, as my children are outgrowing the Mother phase of my life and I’m not quite ready to Crone just yet.

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I offer support and guidance to women of all ages,  who want more, need more and crave more from their lives. Whether they are looking to create their own business or simply want to enjoy their families more; are dealing with health issues or actively changing their lives in wonderful ways.

I am ridiculously tall, standing over 6’1″ and like to use my height as a metaphor in my life. (I am rather fond of using metaphors, as will become evident in due course)

As a writer I hope to touch and inspire; as an artist I hope to encourage and show that you don’t need to be good to enjoy expressing yourself artistically. I’m not about being  good, I’m all about enjoying the process, and daring to share (as you can see here; my little watercolour witch wanted to say ‘Hi’)

This is my time to take everything I have ever learned, everything I have loved and explored over the years – bringing all my passion, experience an training together to offer you not only a path to follow, a guifdbook to read and a light to guide you, but a safe place to hide a while and the fullest of loving hearts in a community of women just likeyou.

My Gift to you to welcome you to my Queendom:

10 ways to Rule in your Crazy Queendom  (magical menopause manifestations)

7 Steps to uncovering your Diamonds in the Dust (A more sparkly version of Lemons to Lemonade)