Welcome back to the light !

It has been quite the journey, and you are tired, I know.


As one who has walked this path of darkness, I know only too well that, like alcoholism, depression is a lifelong companion. This is exactly why I am offering you a LIGHT.

My work is simple: I facilitate Difficult Life Changes that cause Anxiety, Depression and Fear, helping you to go from CHAOS to CALM, allowing difficult transitions to become Easy and Fulfilling. You want to feel whole again, to feel like a Real Person not an imitation of someone else and most importantly you want to be Seen, Heard and Loved for who you are.

So how can I help YOU? Firstly I will LISTEN and give you the space to get comfortable with where you are, right now. Then I will help you to re-frame your story and explore some of the areas you may not have noticed before (the juicy bits – I always find!)

And finally we will create a new story based on the Biggest Truths of your Life Experience rather than the near-say and rumour you have lived on so far. This work is BIG WORK, no doubt about it, but it is beautiful and the rewards are multiple.

There are many ways to access my support: In a one to one session via telephone  or Skype (@ thecommunicationcoach) –  a safe space where you can check in, be honest and be heard.

You can always  use the contact form to drop me a line via email,I love to hear from you. thecommcoachuk@gmail.com

You can follow my Facebook Page Hidden Pathways Intuitive Guidance and Coaching 

and join my amazing community at:  Hidden Pathways: Illuminating your way forward

Why Choose to work with me?


When looking for support and guidance you want someone who really knows what you have been through, and will never judge you. You also want someone who won’t always ‘play nice’ – who will call you out on your stuff and challenge you to be your best self – even on your worst days.This is why I am able to so confidently offer you this space and my service.

I offer Readings and Guidance to those in pain, who are struggling with life and looking for The Light at the end of the Tunnel as well as those seeking a little clarity through changes in their life. If any of that sounds like you – then we may just be a good fit.

Core Values:

We are all here to CELEBRATE being alive, not simply to struggle through.

We are here to adventure – through the world and through ourselves –and this is my calling: to help you get to where you want to be.

Living through depression doesn’t mean living half a life – it means living twice the life, constantly adventuring between the dark underworld and the light of the brightest star. This is our life, and we deserve to live it fully, without shame.


♥ If you are Looking for a new direction in life after recovery or a breakthrough of some kind;

♥ If you want more out of life but feel restricted: By Time; By Money; By Responsibilities: By Old Beliefs;

♥ If you yearn to explore The True You – but are afraid of upsetting those who love you the most; How would they react if they knew? Would they consider you disloyal? Would they think you were going mad? Are you actually going mad? (I get asked this one A LOT!);

♥ If you need a SAFE SPACE with someone who will LISTEN. A space to explore the smallest of hopes, dreams and possibilities  – then I am here for you 

I am more than a Life Coach: I am an Intuitive Life Guide!

I offer a Genuine Interest in you and your progress; offering Guidance and Understanding; by Creating and Holding a Safe Space in which you can explore your ideas, enabling you to voice your fears, dare to dream and feel supported, whatever you decide. 

 If you do not know exactly where you are heading or what you are trying to achieve, but you know that something has to change. I can help!

Utilising my Intuitive Guidance, the tools at my disposal and my big loving heart, you will find your very own Hidden Pathway, all you have to do is allow me to Illuminate Your Pathway Forward and you will never look back.

 I have worked with hundreds of women over the last 20 years, and seen incredible movement and immeasurable happiness as they ‘heal their wounds’ and find the freedom they have been longing for. We have many lives – but this is the only one we can live right now – may as well make the best of it, and Live it as only we can.


Are you trying to discover yourself in the midst of your own life?

Are you lost in your own world? An alien on your own planet? A stranger to your own desires?

Do you feel like you are going crazy as you watch the world around you spin out of control? Do you live for The Light but oh so often you feel engulfed by Darkness?

I am here to tell you that you are not alone. You are not invisible. You are not overlooked.

Sometimes you simply have to reach out and grab what is right in front of you. So here…take my hand, I am holding it out to you. My Soul Purpose is to WITNESS you True Self. To ILLUMINATE your journey so that you may bring your gifts to the world. I am literally HERE FOR YOU.


My work is not selfless or altruistic – far from it. My work is WHAT I MUST DO. To refuse to show up, to refuse to see, to refuse to hear, would be to refuse to live. My work is My Life and the reason I am here.

So now you know why I am here, what about you? Why are you here and what are you looking for? I know for certain that you are asking questions, seeking answers and feel constantly adrift of your core purpose.

Let’s put an end to that, shall we? By talking together, dancing with words and creating art with our feelings we can create a most wonderful landscape and chart an amazing adventure – so that your life will be transformed, almost invisibly from matter-of-fact to miraculous and I promise you will hardly feel a thing!

Want to try? Do you dare to ‘Go There’? It only takes one step in a new direction to change the course of history and if you don’t take it – who will?

What others say about working with me:

“I am sharing my feedback from a wonderful phone reading I received from Roberta in my state of upset and worry. I simply loved the cards she intuitively picked for me and their insight perfectly resonated – I could relate to every gem which arose throughout our whole connection and in my heart I soon felt calmer, happier and braver within myself. Roberta has done her work and moves from a place of True Wisdom and clarity; with loads of fun thrown into the mix!  If you have been stuck in ongoing issues her guidance delivers reassuring light to ease any confusion and stress, in a grounded, life- affirming and supportive way. Roberta shines depth, understanding and empathy; a real gift”  Anna Lovelock 

“Your  readings for my family and myself were 100% accurate. I could not believe how true they all were, I can only say that everything you said impressed me and I just could not believe that with  only a  date of birth you can come up with such an inspiring reading.” – Mariana Skinner. Nottingham




“The highest accolade I can give to someone who does a reading for me is to say I feel they really ‘got’ me and were right on the button. All I can say about Roberta’s reading is that she certainly was on the button and brought forward aspects that, when they were said, truly resonated with me at a very deep level. Thank you so much  Roberta, for this you deserve a Gold Star!!! It is a wonderful gift that you have and I know you will share it with many, ” – Patricia Iris Kerins.  Spiritual Teacher. Empowerment Coach  



“Thank you Roberta for a reading that was insightful, honest and actually – at times – a little too honest, ha ha! I am now looking back on it three months later – not only has everything you said come into my life, so have the lessons I rejected at the time!! I highly recommend your work and will be in touch for my next reading really soon…” – Emma Audain. France




” In your recent online event I found you to be an insightful lady who worked with me using power animal cards and Tree Wisdom Cards. You highlighted some unhelpful habits that were depleting my energy. I have felt the benefit in my life since making your recommended adjustments.” – Jill Webster. Life Enhancement Specialist, Healer, Trainer Coach




      “I loved my reading with Roberta, her ability to see the layers of my being, directly into the heart of the matter really helped me to understand and get clarity on the situation I was in.    Highly recommended!” – Nikki Turner. The Gaia Code. Edinburgh.    





Art by Ronnie Biccard

Art by Ronnie Biccard

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