Welcome back to the light !

It has been quite the journey, and you are tired, I know. But your journey has brought you here and I open my arms to welcome you.Whether your journey has been long and arduous, or whether you simply turned a corner and found yourself here, I want you to know, you are in the right place.

“The Universe only ever acts in your favour¬†and for your highest good”


  • You are a brilliant, shining light in the world yet you constantly feel invisible? Old wounds and ancient hurts fill your mind and it feels impossible to move forward. You are not alone.
  • You are on a spiritual path, exploring the bigger picture and trying to find your place in this wonderful world, but you seek guidance and support.
  • Maybe you have been told you are clairvoyant, a healer or people cannot help but tell you their life stories?
  • Do you feel the emotions of others, sense the atmosphere long before anything happens and get ‘flashes of insight’ that you cannot explain?
  • Chances are you are an EMPATH and Highly Intuitive, yet you spend a lot of your time struggling with anxiety and depression, feeling hopeless and worthless, even wondering ‘why you are here’ in the worst possible way?
  • I can honestly say I know what you are going through – because I have walked this dark path myself and it brought me here – to be able to open my arms to you and offer you the loving support, guidance and insight you so desperately need.
  • Whether you are looking for physical healing, emotional balance, a place to share your weirdness without judgement or want to learn how to take your natural magic to its fullest conclusion and begin helping other themselves.¬†Book Your Personal Consultation here

What others say about working with me:


“Review time!
I just want to say (another) huge thank you to our wonderful mage Roberta, for she truly is a magician.
I love the way she helped me see what was underlying from my original question.
She helped me free my soul, I have not felt so light in many a year!
Thank you dear lady, for helping me see and be focused on how to proceed.” – Claire. Monochrome Artist. Cornwall.

“As my mind and body have caught up with themselves and are more in tandem, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to our dear Roberta.
The other week, this darling soul spoke to me. There was a hurdle due to the fact that Facebook wouldn’t let me call, Skype here is just laughable, as is the internet, but let’s not go there!

Roberta phoned me, on my land line and we sat and chatted, she was on the sofa with me, I swear I almost asked her if she wanted a cuppa top up. I can’t say it was easy the conversation. But by heavens it was necessary!
So many realisations came rising up and hitting me squarely between the eyes. You know the ones, where it’s just so darned obvious, that it’s been hiding in plain sight.

The forgiveness part, oh boy! That was tough. Why? Probably because in the past, if I kept myself at a distance, surrounding myself with barbed wire, no one could get to me, to hurt me any more. But it’s a two way thing. As in my wisdom no one could get to me, I couldn’t reach out. All the while my facade of Miss Goody two shoes took the show, not letting all the other parts of me shine (even grumpy me)

Since losing Onslow, my darling dog though, all the barriers have come crumbling down. Seeing them crumble, I used it to my advantage and started to forgive. I forgave myself first. I needed to forgive myself before I could forgive others.
I did it though! I really did it. Not just words, actually forgave ME!
I found once I did that, the most challenging of ones to forgive was easier than I had ever hoped for.

Not only that, but Roberta’s work has opened up my husbands eyes too! Dave is autistic. He NEVER has opened up, he’s normally very closed in many aspects. But I told him about my conversation with Roberta, and he LISTENED. We talked about many things, so many things. My heart has widened up somewhat knowing and releasing all things that were weighing on me, on us even.

My darling Roberta, the word thank you seems insignificant. I feel a very strong link with you, one I will not and do not want to shake off.” – Clare. Cornwall

“I am sharing my feedback from a wonderful phone reading I received from Roberta in my state of upset and worry. I simply loved the cards she intuitively picked for me and their insight perfectly resonated – I could relate to every gem which arose throughout our whole connection and in my heart I soon felt calmer, happier and braver within myself. Roberta has done her work and moves from a place of True Wisdom and clarity; with loads of fun thrown into the mix! If you have been stuck in ongoing issues her guidance delivers reassuring light to ease any confusion and stress, in a grounded, life- affirming and supportive way. Roberta shines depth, understanding and empathy; a real gift” Anna Lovelock

“Your readings for my family and myself were 100% accurate. I could not believe how true they all were, I can only say that everything you said impressed me and I just could not believe that with only a date of birth you can come up with such an inspiring reading.” – Mariana Skinner. Nottingham

“The highest accolade I can give to someone who does a reading for me is to say I feel they really ‘got’ me and were right on the button. All I can say about Roberta’s reading is that she certainly was on the button and brought forward aspects that, when they were said, truly resonated with me at a very deep level. Thank you so much Roberta, for this you deserve a Gold Star!!! It is a wonderful gift that you have and I know you will share it with many, ” – Patricia Iris Kerins. Spiritual Teacher. Empowerment Coach

“Thank you Roberta for a reading that was insightful, honest and actually – at times – a little too honest, ha ha! I am now looking back on it three months later – not only has everything you said come into my life, so have the lessons I rejected at the time!! I highly recommend your work and will be in touch for my next reading really soon…” – Emma Audain. France

” In your recent online event I found you to be an insightful lady who worked with me using power animal cards and Tree Wisdom Cards. You highlighted some unhelpful habits that were depleting my energy. I have felt the benefit in my life since making your recommended adjustments.” – Jill Webster. Life Enhancement Specialist, Healer, Trainer Coach

“I loved my reading with Roberta, her ability to see the layers of my being, directly into the heart of the matter really helped me to understand and get clarity on the situation I was in. Highly recommended!” – Nikki Turner. The Gaia Code. Edinburgh.